Elite Athletes Series

Series about athletes at the Olympics, coming your way Spring/Summer 2020! More info soon!

Book 1: Here Comes the Flood

Recovering alcoholic Isaac hit rock bottom, but is swimming his way back to the top. Diver Tim just wants the press to leave him alone so he can focus on repeating his gold medal performance. They find in each other kindred spirits, but will the pressure of the Olympics keep them from finding happiness with each other?

Book 2: Stick the Landing

Jake is the best male gymnast in the world… who has never won a world championship. Prone to choking on the international stage, he’s at the Olympics to prove he’s the best. The main complication? Sexy figure skater Topher, who is at the Olympics to do puff pieces for an American TV network.

Book 3: Race for Redemption

After a bogus doping charge nearly derailed sprinter JJ’s career, he’s at the Olympics to prove he can win the coveted title of Fastest Man Alive without drugs. But his new training partner, a hurdler named Brandon who uses math to win races, might just be the greatest prize of all.