Below are projects I currently have contracted. When release dates are finalized and publication gets closer, they’ll get moved to the books page.

The Silence of the Stars (sequel to The Stars that Tremble) — Dreamspinner, late Spring 2014 Sandy Sullivan has gotten so good at hiding his emotions that he’s waiting for someone to hand him an Oscar. On the outside, he’s a cheerful, funny guy, but his good humor is the only thing keeping some truly awful memories from his army tours in Afghanistan at bay. Worse, Sandy is now somewhat adrift after breaking up with the only man who ever really understood him, but who also wanted to fix him the same way Sandy’s been fixing up his new house in Brooklyn.

Everett Blake seems to have everything: good looks, money, and talent to spare. He parlayed a successful career as a violinist into a teaching job at Manhattan’s elite Olcott School. Until four months ago, he also had the perfect boyfriend. Now he’s on his own, trying to make his new apartment a space of his own, a little more unkempt than the perfectly tidy place he shared with the ex. When a cannonball in the form of Sandy barrels into his life, Everett is only too happy to accept the chaos… until he realizes he’s over his head.