Works in Progress

Below is a list of my current works in progress. These will likely be available for your reading pleasure within the next year or so. When release dates are finalized and publication gets closer, they’ll get moved to the books page.

Laws of Attraction: Duology about law partners.
Stay: A woman is murdered in the apartment of a Republican senate candidate. He hires the the best lawyer in NYC… who just happens to be his ex-boyfriend.
Motion: Homicide detective Gavin drops by the law firm to talk to partner Reed, whose client has just been found dead. Reed is smarting from his recent divorce, but Gavin still catches his interest.

Untitled Elite Athlete Series set at a fictional Olympic Games in Madrid
Here Comes the Flood — After hitting rock bottom, Isaac is literally swimming his way back to the top. Tim has his own worth to prove as he dodges nosy reporters on journey to a repeat gold medal.
Untitled Book 2 — Jake is a world-class gymnast and repeat American champion with an unfortunate tendency to choke in international competitions. Advice from an unexpected source makes him think this might be his chance to finally prove himself on the world’s stage. Retired figure skater Topher is also in Madrid, trying to prove his worth as a sportscaster, which may get derailed when he gets a schoolboy crush on Jake during an interview.
Untitled Book 3 — The American women’s basketball team is expected to win gold in Madrid, but the weight of expectation is starting to weigh on forward Tina. Then she meets Kyra, a sprinter determined to overcome injury and a competitive field to be named the fastest woman on earth.

Untitled sequel to The Boy Next Door — Neal’s finally done with the status quo, including a friends-with-benefits relationship that’s never going to go anywhere. So he gives his would-be paramour an ultimatum: be with me for real, or I’m finding someone else.