Lead Us Not

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When Sam and Jess set out for New York City, they were young, deeply in love, and had big dreams for the future. Four difficult years later, some of those dreams are starting to come true—but at what cost?

Jess has stumbled into a fairly successful modeling career, but it feels like a consolation prize after his failed attempt at acting. He knows too his good looks will only last so long and he wants to try something else, but Sam keeps talking him out of it. Sam just landed the lead in a Broadway revival and all of his hard work is finally paying off, but lately Jess seems to be slipping away from him. Just as strains and cracks begin to show in their relationship, temptations are dangled in front of both men, but will they take the bait or will they come back to each other?

Cover art by Alexis Daria

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“Kate McMurray has written a story so subtle that it fairly blindsided me with its cunning. It made me question, “what if?” What if I was lead into temptation and I followed willingly, and then I’d fallen before I even realized I’d been pushed? That’s exactly what reading this story was like—falling and loving every word of it.” —Lisa, The Novel Approach (5 stars!)