Baseball Monday: Thrown a Curve Cover Reveal

Baseball MondaysI snuck a peak at this cover in my newsletter last week. So here’s the cover for Book 2 in the Rainbow League series, Thrown a Curve, Mason and Patrick’s story.

First, the blurb:

Mason made headlines when, after his professional baseball career was sidelined by an injury, he very publicly came out of the closet. Now he’s scratching the baseball itch playing in the Rainbow League while making his way through New York’s population of beefcakes, even though they all come up short. Plus, he’s still thinking about last summer’s encounter with hot, effeminate, pierced and tattooed Patrick—pretty much the opposite of the sort of man he has long pictured himself with.

Patrick hasn’t been able to forget Mason either, and now that baseball season is back upon them, he’s determined to have him again. Mason is unlike any man Patrick has ever been with before, and not just because he’s an ex-Yankee. All Patrick has to do is convince a reluctant Mason that their one night wasn’t just a crazy fluke and that they could be great together…if only Mason could get past his old hang-ups and his intolerant family.

Thrown a Curve

The book will be out in June!

(And just a reminder, book 1 is available NOW from Dreamspinner, All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or the ebook store of your choice!)

Baseball Monday: Baseball Equality

Baseball MondaysLast summer, Major League Baseball appointed Billy Bean, the only living openly gay former pro player, the ambassador for inclusion. Last Friday, the the Washington Post published an article about the work he’s doing, hopefully paving the way for an active out gay player, just like Iggy Rodriguez in Out in the Field.

I put a few Easter eggs in the Rainbow League series for fans of that book, particularly in Book 2. The article on Billy Bean was well timed, because when I read it, I was wrapping up first edits on book 2 (titled Thrown a Curve) in which one of the heroes is former-Yankee Mason. Mason had a very different career than Iggy, in that it was ended more by an injury than anything else. Mason took the opportunity of a torn achilles, an injury he probably could have recovered from with time, to quit professional baseball and come out of the closet.

Mason didn’t think he had a better option. I think we’re approaching an era in which this will not be the case, but we aren’t there yet. Hence Billy Bean’s appointment. To me, this shows the MLB is serious about paving the way for an openly gay player, and part of Bean’s mission is to educate players and coaches about how to treat those players. Bean would know, given that he stayed in the closet for the seasons he played professionally.

Book 2 also has a subplot about Mason struggling to write an article about a college player who has just very publicly come out. I think this is most likely going to be the way in. Baseball will get a Michael Sam type who gets drafted out of college after he’s already come out.

What do you guys think? Is baseball ready for an out gay player?

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