a few tiny things

Earlier this week, I ordered a bunch of goodies to give out at GayRomLit. (Bookmarks, postcards, and stickers!) I’m tinkering with the website some this weekend to match my new designs, starting with the new banner on the top of my site. It’s not a radical change, I know, and this banner is less sexy than the old one, but I like it.

Also, Fallen Angel Reviews gave four angels to The Boy Next Door.

I spent a good chunk of tonight putting together a Special Features post for Across the East River Bridge that has a ton of photos, plus historical background and some suggestions for further reading. The characters in the book are fictional, but there’s some real history tied into the plot with the ghosts. That post will go live a couple of days before the book comes out.

a couple of reviews and some lofty goals

The Boy Next Door reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed: “The Boy Next Door is an engaging tale of a man caught between family and love.”

Kindling Fire with Snow reviewed by Jenre: “Those of you looking for a sweet read that’s not too high on sugar will like this book and I recommend it with a grade of ‘Very good’.”

And now I find myself with two days in which I don’t have much to do other than write, which is such a luxury lately that I’m inclined to shut myself in. I have the goal of writing 10,000 words on my current WIP between now and the end of tomorrow, which is possible, I think, but definitely challenging. And I have a few much-lamented WIPs that I should get back to. So, you know, write write write!

guest blog + spring

I guest blogged at the RWA NYC blog yesterday, talking a little about my inspiration for The Boy Next Door.

I took a walk earlier this afternoon, and it’s nice outside, nearly 60ºF and sunny. I took a couple of pictures—I love Brooklyn in the spring, although there aren’t any flowers yet, really. (In another month or so, we’ll start seeing cherry blossoms around the neighborhood, which is always lovely.) After the insane winter we had, I gotta say, I’m really excited for spring. This was, I think, the first weekend day with weather this warm in what feels like forever.

And spring means baseball! One of my works in progress is a romance between two professional baseball players that has been a little bit of a struggle to write, but I’m enjoying it. I spent some time this morning working on pre-draft rankings for my fantasy baseball team, which is pretty exciting. I’m excited for the new season.

I hope the weather is nice wherever you are. 🙂

a few newsy items

First, the Literary Nymphs gave The Boy Next Door 4.5 out of 5 nymphs.

Second, I will be appearing in public! I’m still working out my convention schedule, but I will for certain be at the Rainbow Book Fair in NYC with a gaggle of other Dreamspinner authors. That’s on March 26. I’m also planning to attend the GayRomLit Retreat in New Orleans in October. (Reader registration opens soon!)

Third, by now you’ve heard about Borders filing for chapter 11. There’s one store in NYC that is closing, the one on Park Ave and 57th Street, so I raided it yesterday. One of the great things about living in New York is that the book stores have a pretty impressive selection of m/m books, and at store-closing discounts, I felt a little like I won the lottery. (Plus I found a few Suzanne Brockmann reissues I hadn’t read yet.) Here’s a peek at what I bought (with special guest, my cat Molly):

Click to embiggen.

That’s a lot of naked male torso! Borders had a lot of other great books, but most of them I’d read already. 😉 Still, it was good timing on the paper books; I broke my Kindle this morning. Luckily, Amazon is sending a replacement, but not until Tuesday.

I’ve been thinking about writing a retrospective post—somehow, I managed to get three books published in a year, which seems like such an impossible feat—but right now I have books to read (and books to write!).

review roundup

Reviews for The Boy Next Door are starting to roll in!

4-star review from Three Dollar Bill Reviews:

This is the kind of story I enjoy … I love how “down-to-earth” it is.

By the way, I am working on a sequel, which will be Neal’s story. I’m still writing it, so I don’t have an ETA on that, but it is in the works.

4.5-star review from Tj at Jessewave:

The characters of Lowell and Jase really came to life for me and their revived friendship and budding romance felt very real. But the road to love is not an easy one. Jase has a troubled ex-wife Karen, who is understandably hurt from Jase’s rejection of her, and tries to control his life by threatening his custody of their daughter. As much as I wanted to hate Karen, and at times I felt that she was a bit of a harpy, I could also understand her pain, a pain that anyone who has had an unrequited love will understand.

The Boy Next Door also made Loose Id’s bestseller list 2 weeks in a row, so thanks to everyone who bought the book. And thanks to the reviewers for taking the time to review! Book bloggers are seriously awesome.

And, bonus, a new review of Kindling Fire with Snow from Val Kovalin:

The author did a good job with the subtle, precise details (much of it through dialog) that communicated their opposite personalities and cultural backgrounds (introverted Jewish guy, extroverted Irish-American). Also, I was very impressed with the vivid details, including landmarks and street names, which made Brooklyn come alive as a setting for this engaging story about second chances. Recommended.

Pssst. The Boy Next Door is available here!

Available Today: The Boy Next Door

The new book is out today! Big thanks to everyone who had a hand in this one, from my beta readers to everyone who sat with me in cafes while I banged my head on a table hacking my way through a revision. You all know who you are. 🙂


When Lowell moves back to his hometown to take care of his ailing mother, the last person he expects to see living in the house next door is his childhood friend Jase, grown up now and more attractive than ever. Jase had starred in many of Lowell’s teenage fantasies, but Lowell is convinced Jase is straight. And yet, as they rekindle their friendship, it begins to look like Jase might not be so straight after all.

Jase has problems of his own: his troubled ex-wife has allowed him full custody of their daughter on one condition: he never exposes her to his affairs with other men. The arrangement works just fine until he starts falling for Lowell and a whole new world of possibilities opens up for him. But how can he have a relationship with a man and still keep his daughter?


The Boy Next Door

Welcome to New Book Week. The Boy Next Door will be available this Tuesday from Loose Id. More details to come on Monday night or Tuesday morning. (I’m fighting a serious case of holy-crap-is-the-weekend-really-over-but-I-still-have-so-much-to-do-itis right at the moment. It’s tempting to give up and go to bed. ;))

Also, I’m gonna be around the interwebs all week doing little promotional things, so look out for me (I’ll make a big wrap-up post Friday-ish).

I’ve updated the book page to include a short excerpt for your reading pleasure. And here’s the lovely cover by Valerie Tibbs.

This book was in the works for a long time and I’m really excited that it’s finally getting published!