The Boy Next Door is coming back!

The Boy Next DoorI announced in my newsletter earlier this week that I’m bringing The Boy Next Door back from out-of-print hibernation. Basically, after a lot of hemming and hawing, I’ve decided to put it out myself, after some revisions and a fresh edit. (I haven’t made any major changes yet, mostly small stuff like cleaning up some clunky dialogue and fixing embarrassing errors, but my hope is that the book finds its way into the hands of some new readers!)

I’ve got a new cover that I adore; I’ll reveal that next month. I rarely have a specific vision for my covers, but this was a case where I did when the original was published, but the cover artist had a different opinion. I like the original cover fine, but having to put a new cover on the book was an opportunity for me to do what I had always wanted to.

This is also my first real foray into self-publishing. I mean, technically, I self-published Lead Us Not, in that I hired a cover artist and did all the file format conversions myself and am distributing it here and through All Romance eBooks, but it’s a freebie. I also contributed to the self-published For Love and Liberty anthology, but that was a joint venture, and other collaborators did most of the end-game stuff that seems brand new to me now. This re-issue is my first honest-to-goodness go at self-publishing something novel-length. So we’ll see how this goes!

Anyway, the goal is to have that out mid-September. Barring calamity, that should be an easy goal, but this year has had a lot of calamity, so it’s not quite set in stone. Look for more updates in August!