Saturday Snark: Four Corners

I have to leave to get on a plane in about a half hour, but it’s Saturday, and Marie Sexton is running some snark, so here’s a snippet from Four Corners:

WHEN I opened the front door of my building, Adam stood on my stoop. “Boystown, Jakey? Really? Isn’t that kind of a gay cliché?”

“What the hell are you doing here? How did you get my address?”

“You’re still on Mom’s Christmas card list.”

I looked around him and saw the Ducati was parked in my driveway. “Your dad told me you sold that.”

“I did,” said Adam. “To my brother Danny. Take a ride with me.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Serious as a cancer diagnosis. I even brought you a helmet.”

I took a long look at him. He was wearing tight jeans that looked expensive in that distressed-just-so way and a white T-shirt under a well-worn black leather jacket. He looked like sex on legs, frankly. I thought of all the times in my early twenties that I’d pressed against Adam while riding on the back of that motorcycle, and I felt my skin flush. It was nearing twilight, luckily, so I was pretty sure Adam wouldn’t be able to see me blushing.

“Did you really ride that thing here through the city?”

He guffawed. “What are you, my mother? It’s perfectly safe. You trust me, don’t you?”

“That’s kind of a loaded question.”

Saturday Snark

I thought that in honor of Blind Items getting that honorable mention in the Rainbow Awards, I’d give you a little Drew and Jonathan:

Which was how we came to be standing outside of a club in the Village called Rooster’s half an hour later. “They’re not even trying to be subtle, are they?” Jonathan asked.

“When I was in college, I frequented a place called Manhole.”

He laughed. “Okay, that’s worse.” But he dug in his heels when I tried to pull him inside.

“Jonathan, no one’s going to recognize you.”

And still he hesitated. “I can’t be here. Going with you to a restaurant or a bar would be one thing, but this is, you know, a club where, you know…” He pressed his palms together.

“Are you trying to say that this is a homosexual establishment?” I clutched at my invisible pearls. “Rey’s gone in here with me before, and he’s a hell of a lot higher profile than you are. In the unlikely event someone does recognize you, well, it’s not totally unprecedented for the straight friends of gay men to go to gay clubs. Because you know what else they have at gay clubs? Straight-girl best friends.”

“I’m not here to pick up women,” Jonathan said.

“I should hope not.” I leaned close to him. “I’m just concocting your alibi. Do you see anybody you think you might be here to pick up?”

I could see it on his face when he started to let go. The lines in his forehead disappeared, his mouth twitched into an almost smile. “I think I might see someone,” he said looking right at me.

“Yeah?” I laughed, and Jonathan laughed with me. That seemed like a green light. “Let’s go inside. Deep breath, cowboy.”

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Saturday Snark

I figured I’d play along. Here’s a little Finn and Troy from Across the East River Bridge:

And now he was sitting in the same room as Troy, who was yammering on obliviously about gender relations in the nineteenth century, and all Finn could think was that Troy had a really lovely mouth, and he would very much like to kiss it again.

Troy interrupted his lecture to ask, “Do I have something on my face?”

“What? No.”

“Oh. You’re staring.”

Finn blinked a few times. “No, I’m not.”

Troy shifted his feet so that he was sitting with his legs stretched out. He leaned against the sofa, right next to where Finn was also leaning. “You weren’t even listening.”

Finn contemplated lying. “Eh, I guess I zoned out. Sorry.”

“It’s fine. Probably stuff you mostly already knew. Here, have a fortune cookie.” Troy picked up two and handed one to Finn.

Finn cracked his open. He read aloud, “Look in the right places; you will find some good offerings.

“In bed,” said Troy with a grin.

Finn rolled his eyes. “You are such a child.”

“I don’t think there is anything childish about showing you the offerings found in my bed.”