a few tiny things

Earlier this week, I ordered a bunch of goodies to give out at GayRomLit. (Bookmarks, postcards, and stickers!) I’m tinkering with the website some this weekend to match my new designs, starting with the new banner on the top of my site. It’s not a radical change, I know, and this banner is less sexy than the old one, but I like it.

Also, Fallen Angel Reviews gave four angels to The Boy Next Door.

I spent a good chunk of tonight putting together a Special Features post for Across the East River Bridge that has a ton of photos, plus historical background and some suggestions for further reading. The characters in the book are fictional, but there’s some real history tied into the plot with the ghosts. That post will go live a couple of days before the book comes out.

cover art, new story, other news

I have a bunch of announcements!

1. Across the East River Bridge, due out October 12 from Loose Id, has cover art, as you can see. (Valerie Tibbs was the cover artist.) I will have some cool stuff (a book trailer, an excerpt, some special features) up in the coming days. (The link brings you to the book page, where you can read the blurb.)

I’m pretty excited about this book. It’s about two old academic rivals who team up to solve an old mystery and then, naturally, fall in love. They investigate the deaths of two men who died in 1878. The novel is kind of a tour of Brooklyn, as Finn and Troy, my two main characters, visit neighborhoods all over the borough in search of clues. There’s also a glimpse into the Brooklyn of the 1870s, which was pretty fun to research. (Well, it was fun to research if you’re me, because I’m a nerd.) The book is kind of a love letter to the borough I’ve called home for the last five years.

2. I will have a story in Dreamspinner’s Advent Calendar this year. It’s about a guy who is in love with his roommate’s boyfriend. Look for that in December. (It will be available as part of the advent calendar, or for individual download.)

3. Here’s a pretty nice review of Blind Items from Top 2 Bottom reviews (4.5 out of 5 kisses!).

I think those are the big things. Here in New York, it’s cooled off some, so I guess fall is here. (We had a pretty mild August, so I’m sad about seeing summer go.) I’m still writing away, working on a few different new projects. Hope you all are having great weekends.

review, broadway, november

First, thanks to Night Owl Reviews for the great review of Blind Items!

Second, among other things, I went to see the revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway this weekend. I have to say, Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe was pretty great! It’s a fun show.

Third, I’m thinking about National Novel Writing Month already, and have this completely crazy idea. I spent some time today writing out several pages of notes. So I hope that works out!

this and that

Some bullet points!

• Brooklyn Pride is this weekend, although unfortunately, the weather is pretty crappy, gray and rainy. (You may recall that I went to the street fair last year—oddly, this year’s festivities haven’t been advertised hardly at all, so it looks to be a small celebration, though there is a parade tonight I might go watch if it doesn’t get rained out.)

• I’m also hip deep in the second round of edits for my upcoming Dreamspinner novel Blind Items and I’m writing a new novel that I’m really excited about, so that’s also taking up my time this weekend.

• Here’s a really nice review of The Boy Next Door.

• I recently joined the local RWA chapter, and it seems to be a pretty great group of people. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the national convention in a few weeks, which is a real bummer because it’s in New York.

• And right now I’ve got the Yankees game on, which mostly looks like watching it rain int he Bronx. Well, happy Saturday and happy Pride!

a couple of reviews and some lofty goals

The Boy Next Door reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed: “The Boy Next Door is an engaging tale of a man caught between family and love.”

Kindling Fire with Snow reviewed by Jenre: “Those of you looking for a sweet read that’s not too high on sugar will like this book and I recommend it with a grade of ‘Very good’.”

And now I find myself with two days in which I don’t have much to do other than write, which is such a luxury lately that I’m inclined to shut myself in. I have the goal of writing 10,000 words on my current WIP between now and the end of tomorrow, which is possible, I think, but definitely challenging. And I have a few much-lamented WIPs that I should get back to. So, you know, write write write!

review roundup

Reviews for The Boy Next Door are starting to roll in!

4-star review from Three Dollar Bill Reviews:

This is the kind of story I enjoy … I love how “down-to-earth” it is.

By the way, I am working on a sequel, which will be Neal’s story. I’m still writing it, so I don’t have an ETA on that, but it is in the works.

4.5-star review from Tj at Jessewave:

The characters of Lowell and Jase really came to life for me and their revived friendship and budding romance felt very real. But the road to love is not an easy one. Jase has a troubled ex-wife Karen, who is understandably hurt from Jase’s rejection of her, and tries to control his life by threatening his custody of their daughter. As much as I wanted to hate Karen, and at times I felt that she was a bit of a harpy, I could also understand her pain, a pain that anyone who has had an unrequited love will understand.

The Boy Next Door also made Loose Id’s bestseller list 2 weeks in a row, so thanks to everyone who bought the book. And thanks to the reviewers for taking the time to review! Book bloggers are seriously awesome.

And, bonus, a new review of Kindling Fire with Snow from Val Kovalin:

The author did a good job with the subtle, precise details (much of it through dialog) that communicated their opposite personalities and cultural backgrounds (introverted Jewish guy, extroverted Irish-American). Also, I was very impressed with the vivid details, including landmarks and street names, which made Brooklyn come alive as a setting for this engaging story about second chances. Recommended.

Pssst. The Boy Next Door is available here!

review roundup

I don’t know if other authors read reviews, but I totally do. I will admit to occasionally having, “What, no, why would you think that?” reactions, but I’ve found that even when reviews are critical, I often agree.

Well, here are some positive reviews that have been posted in the last week! Hard to argue with that!

First, 4 out of 5 stars for Kindling Fire with Snow from Lily at I Love Books. (“Overall Kindling Fire with Snow is an engaging, sexy, emotional and satisfying read. Recommended.”)

Second, 4 out of 5 stars for Kindling Fire from Janna at E-Romance Reader. (“Thanks to this author’s fluent writing, nice character building (for such few pages) and vivid portraying and picturing of the setting, I truly enjoyed this story.”)

And finally! I attended the New York City NaNoWriMo Thank God It’s Over party and offered up a signed copy of In Hot Pursuit to the fundraising raffle. My new writing buddy Tamsin won it and reviewed it on her blog. (“What I love about this book, other than it’s fast pace, witty humor, and fun leading man is that the primary focus isn’t the sex…its how Noah’s broken heart gets the chance to heal….the sex is a natural part of the relationship that blossoms from the situation(s) and is never unwarranted (even the hot scene in the bathroom—or shall I say the FIRST hot scene in the bathroom?—Chapter Two!). Yeah, its a little more often than in other books but hey, ITS A ROMANCE PEOPLE…that’s how they roll.”) Hee. Tamsin flashed the super hot cover at people on the subway, which makes me a little giddy.

So, yeah. Sounds good, right? You want to read these books? Click on the linkies.

Speaking of good books, the Rainbow Awards were announced today. I was one of the jurors. I’ve read a number of the winning books, and there’s some really great stuff here if you’re looking for something to read. Big congratulations to all of the winners!

new review of Kindling Fire with Snow

Four kisses from Michele n Jeff Reviews:

The story is sweet and romantic, and the protagonists are engaging and as well developed as is possible for a short story. There is a sense of genuine affection and attraction between the two men, which translates convincingly, successfully involving the reader in the outcome of this tale of rediscovered love. The end of the book left me wanting more Seth and Kieran, which is the true mark of a satisfying read.

Thanks, Lisa!

You can buy the book here!

first review!

Kindling Fire with Snow got its first review. 4.25 out of 5 stars from Jessewave:

Kate McMurray wrote two very realistic characters and didn’t attempt to romanticise them by making them bigger than life. Keiran and Seth were two ordinary joes who met after being separated for over a decade and in the interim a lot had happened to them — life happened… As they tried to figure out if they were just reliving the past or whether there was a future somewhere for them, the author skilfully showed us how they navigated between past and present and tried to be realistic about what lay ahead for them, if anything. I loved the fact that the protagonists actually talked to each other as adults, despite Seth’s initial attempt to remain closed off.