chat tomorrow and some other news

Montague Street, Brooklyn, ca 1895; photo from the Brooklyn Historical Society

First, tomorrow I’m participating in a chat at Chatting with Joyfully Reviewed with other authors going to GayRomLit in October. We’ll be around all day (9am to 6pm CST). I’ll be giving away a copy of The Boy Next Door. There’s a complete list of participating authors at Ethan Day’s blog. It’s shaping up to be a fun chat, so stop by!

I’ve been somewhat incommunicado the last few weeks due mostly to computer problems. (First my hard drive died. Then a month later my logic board failed! The people at Apple were beyond amazing and I seem to be back up and running again, so let’s hope those issues are behind me. Nothing will set a writer on edge more than taking away her laptop!) I’ve been meaning to spend a little more time in Yahoo Groups and blogs and Goodreads and all those places, but I just haven’t had time. Sure, there’s the promotional aspect, but I just like hanging around this community of readers and writers, too. 🙂

One last big, awesome thing. I just signed a new contract with Loose Id for a novel that was my first stab at writing a paranormal romance. Two researchers, academic rivals, have to team up to solve a murder mystery involving two men who now haunt a museum. The above photo is a picture of Montague Street, specifically the old Brooklyn Academy of Music, in what is today the neighborhood Brooklyn Heights, where most of this novel takes place. Montague Street is sort of the central artery through that neighborhood, stretching from what is now Borough Hall (City Hall in the time before Brooklyn and Manhattan became part of the same city, which was right around when this photo was taken) to the East River, and the street is lined with shops and restaurants, not so different than 115 years ago! Anyway, there are edits and revisions to be made, and I don’t have an estimated pub date yet, but I’m hoping for maybe sometime this fall.


So 2010 was a pretty stellar year. My first book came out, and my second, and I sold a third. (It’ll be out January 25th!)

I have a bunch of stuff on the agenda for 2011. One of my resolutions is to do a little more marketing, and I want to make myself as accessible as possible. This means:

1. I’m going to conventions this year. More about that as dates approach.

2. I’m going to try to do more with my existing social networking accounts, which hopefully means updating my LJ and Twitter more than once a week. Maybe.

3. I’ve got a Facebook fan page now. So you can follow me over there. I’ll post updates and things.

4. And of course the writing. I had the germ of a new idea right after Christmas and spent a number of hours feverishly writing this new story, and it feels really great, I have to tell you.

So that’s what’s going on with me. More info on the new release soon!

graphical things

I’m trying out some new ideas for the graphics on the website, so I made a banner. Man, my graphics skills are rus-ty; I used to be way better at this sort of thing. This one doesn’t look quite how I first envisioned, but it kind of works, yeah? And I think I need a better slogan. All the cool kids have slogans.

hodge podge

I’ve been contemplating the relative merits of setting up a mailing list or Yahoo group. If you have opinions, let me know in the comments!

The weather took a weird turn, and it’s been cold and rainy all week, which is making me feel kind of blah, which is not very good for my productivity.

I saw the Yankees play Sunday in the rain. I have Mets tickets for this coming Sunday, and it’ll be my first time at Citifield.

I’m setting up a new workspace in the spare room in my apartment. It’s turning out to be a greater undertaking than I first imagined, but right now I’ve got a desk that faces the window. I have a grand view of… the apartment building across the street. Weirdly, hardly anyone in that building bothered with curtains, and I can see into many of the windows. This is good for making up stories about what the people there are up to. Which I learned on Saturday while I sat at the desk for a few hours to test drive the space.

I’ve got a lot of projects going right now; concrete news and pub dates and things coming up as soon as I know them, so if I don’t create a mailing list, watch this space!

what happens here?

In my continuing mission to figure out what to throw at this website, I put up a “Coming Soon” page that is… coming soon. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but I will hopefully have news about what you can expect from me over the next year or so.

And speaking of said mission, you can use this post as an opportunity to tell me if there is anything you’d like to see on this here site. Blog post topics, information I’m not providing, feel free to tell me.

And now I have query letters to write!

networking socially

I would consider myself, maybe not a computer nerd, but good with technology, for the most part. I’ve done my own hardware upgrades. I own lots of gadgets (including an ereader). I’ve designed websites. I’m a Mac user, although I don’t know if that says anything about me besides that Steve Jobs owns a tiny piece of my soul.

But trendy things? I think I’m, like, six months behind whatever the new trend is online. But I’m told that the key to marketing one’s book is social networking, so I’ve been getting accounts all over. Feel free to follow/friend me! I like friends!

I just got a LibraryThing account. It’ll be a shiny author account soon! I haven’t posted anything there yet, but I will. (Or, correction. I’m currently reading an Andrew Grey novel, so I added that. If you’re curious, it’s Bottled Up. And, yes, I like it so far.)

I’m also on GoodReads. I’ve read a lot of really good books over the last couple of months, so excuse the gushy quality of some of my reviews. 😀

And I’m on Twitter, natch.

And LiveJournal. I don’t really know what to do with the LJ account, so you’ll excuse the lack of posts there (I mean, I can’t even find the time to update this blog more than once or twice a week, you know?) but it can be an easy way to read blog posts from this here blog if you are a big LJ user, because I have everything here cross-post over there.

I have lots of things in the works for April, so check back for that.

if you’re not doing anything Sunday…

…I will be here:

Sunday, January 31st is the first Gay Day of 2010 at Ethan Day’s Yahoo Group. Gay Day is the one day a month when the best authors in GLBT Romance stop by to post excerpts of their new and upcoming releases.

The following authors will be generously offering giveaways you can enter to win:

Z.A. Maxfield – Family Unit
AKM Miles – Too Keen
P.A. Brown – L.A. Boneyard
Lex Valentine – Fire Season
Clare London – Upwardly Mobile
Willa Okati – Lovers, Dreamers & Me
A.J. Llewellyn – A Promo pack including a print copy of Phantom Lover
Simone Anderson – Finding Love & Knights of Pleasure
Amanda Young – Readers Choice from her Back-List
Charlie Cochrane – a Goodie Bag of Promotional Items
Devon Rhodes – Gaymes Anthology including Rough Rider
Nix Winter – Timeless
Stephani Hecht – Bound by Blood
Jambrea Jo Jones is offering up one copy from her backlist which includes Heart Song & Runaway Man

The amazing Authors below will be popping in and out to chat & post excerpts from their latest books:

Carol Lynne – Resolution & Through the Montana Mist
Lynn Lorenz – Baymore’s Heir
Trina Lane – SEALing Fate
A.J. Llewellyn – Wanted
Jeanne Barrack – The Sweet Flag
S.J. Frost – No Fear
Lex Valentine – Christmas Catch
Charlie Cochrane – Lessons in Temptation
TC Blue – A Game of Chances Coming February 22, 2010
Willa Okati – And Call Me in the Morning
Adrianne Brennan – My Big Fat Greek Pagan Lesbian Wedding
Kate McMurray – In Hot Pursuit Coming February 16, 2010 from Loose Id
Jaime Samms – Muse’s Vacation

The day will begin from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST in the Ethan Day Yahoo Group where we’ll be posting excerpts, running contests for free books, and chatting about all the new and upcoming releases from your favorite authors.

From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. CST we’ll be hosting another LIVE Chat which is pretty much a free for all, anything-goes-chat that’ll inevitably have you uttering the phrase, “What the f**k?” : )
***You will need to have Downloaded Skype in order to take part in the Live Chat.***
Once you’ve downloaded the FREE software, simply add Ethan as a contact: ethandayonline — and he’ll be able to add you to the chat room!

That’s right! Sneak peak of the novel! I’m excited! I’ve popped into Gay Day a couple of times, and it’s crazy but fun.

o hai

I should make a resolution to update this blog more often. I’ve been bogged down in the end of NaNoWriMo, then finishing up revisions on my upcoming novel (In Hot Pursuit will be available in February!), and now the holiday season. So that’s why I fail at my once-a-week blog posting goal.

I finished NaNoWriMo with a 92,000-word behemoth that I am nonetheless very excited by. I managed to finish the story during November, writing the epilogue on the 29th. It needs some work, but I’m still excited about the story.

I just bought a book almost entirely for the reasons that it had a pretty cover. I don’t know if this speaks more to the value of good cover artists or my own gullibility. Hopefully this pans out, I’ll let you know.

And now it is very cold, there’s a snowstorm on the way, and I have to finish my Christmas shopping.

official site launch

This website officially launches on Monday, October 5th. Like I mentioned in a previous post, my goal is to update the blog once a week, probably just with inane scribblings about whatever I’m thinking about that week, and hopefully said scribblings will be relevant to writing or at least romance novels, but WHO KNOWS?

Anyway, I’m open to feedback, so if you’ve got opinions about what things I should add to the site, topics you’d like to see blog posts on, anything, please let me know!

I’ve been wracking my brain for things that I tend to look for when I go to an author site. If I’m going to an author’s site, I’m almost always looking at the book list. (My book list will be updated as publication dates and things become available, so stay tuned!) I have a few authors that I have come to love, so I check out their sites to see what order to read series books in (when did it become a trend for romance novels not to have series numbers printed on them?) or to check out an author’s backlist. I’m interested in biographical information, too, because I find it fascinating to know where writers are coming from. Have they been writing their whole lives? Did they pick up writing later in life, after their kids were born and their lives were established? Are they from cities or rural areas or places outside the US? All this stuff is interesting to me. So that’s kind of where I’m coming from with this blog. I figure, if you’re coming here to my website, you want to know some things about me.

I started a Twitter account, too, for shorter observations (or you can follow me there to find out when I update this blog).

So this is a work in progress. I will continue to tweak it over the coming weeks, so your feedback is appreciated. And welcome!