Baseball Monday: DIY Plushy Baseballs

Baseball MondaysSorry for my long hiatus! It’s been a really zany few weeks, what with RT, vacation, and BEA. But I’m back, and ready to carry on these weekly baseball posts at least until Rainbow League Book 3 releases later this summer!

Today, I’ve got a craft project. I made a bunch of these plushy baseballs to give out as prizes at RT (and I’ve made them before for other conventions). I invented the pattern, and it’s pretty easy if you know knitting basics. So I figured I’d make the pattern available for anyone who wants to try it out.

Finished products, done in neon in honor of the Rainbow League.

Finished products, done in neon in honor of the Rainbow League.

You should be able to download a PDF of the pattern from the bottom of this post. I’ve used worsted weight cotton or superwash wool for most of these. It’s kind of just a fun, goofy project. Also they seem to work pretty well as cat toys.

You can download the pattern here: Kate’s Knit Plushy Baseballs

And remember, Book 2: Thrown a Curve is available for pre-order.

five things! red carpets, knitting, cat photos!

Hey, it’s Friday! That means it’s time for a weekly wrap-up…

(Given how giddy I feel, I think I can contribute the trouble I’ve been having sleeping all week to caffeine over-consumption. So! Apologies if this post is a little manic!)

1. Show and Tell red carpet events this week:

[I spent more time than I should have this week looking at fancy dresses from the Golden Globes. My new life goal is to at some point in my life be invited to an event that is not a wedding where I have to wear a ballgown made by a high-end designer.]

I did an interview with fellow Loose Id author Kay Berrisford, where we talked about the book. There’s a bonus photo of my cat. You can leave a comment there to win a copy of the book; the contest is open until the 22nd.

I’m at Chicks and Dicks today on the theme of new beginnings—I talked about being inspired to try new things outside of my comfort zone and how rewarding that is. There is also another bonus photo of my cat.

2. Kate’s Kraft Corner Remember the scarf I started here? I finished it! Photographic evidence ahoy:

Here is the finished scarf blocking in my living room floor.

Here is the finished scarf blocking in my living room floor.

The scarf is 8-ish inches wide and about 5.5 feet tall. (I used the highly scientific method of going, “Well, I’m 5’7″ and the scarf is not quite as tall as I am, so…”) I also made these cute fingerless mitts to go with it:

Look! Mitts! Ignore how messy my apartment is in the background.

Look! Mitts! Ignore how messy my apartment is in the background.

I still have 300 yards of this yarn left and no earthly idea what to do with it. (For perspective, the scarf and the mitts combined used a little less than 500 yards.) It’s a wool-nylon blend (Knit Picks Chroma, for anyone playing at home). A hat, maybe? Would the scarf-mitt-hat combo be too matchy-matchy? Suggestions welcome.

3. Speaking of knitting, an avid-knitter friend of mine talked me into going to Vogue Knitting Live this weekend. I have two sweater patterns picked out so that I might capitalize on this new-found desire to actually knit after not knitting for a while. Maybe that’s my new year’s resolution this year. Knit a little every day. I think it’s good for the soul.

4. I’m currently reading Heads in Beds, a memoir of working in the hotel industry. It’s funny and fascinating but maybe not the best thing to read as I’m booking a bunch of travel for the year.

I decided that I’m definitely going to the RWA national convention this year, so that’s TWO trips to Atlanta, since that will also be the location of GayRomLit. Add RT in Kansas City (already booked) and that’s a lot of travel to cities I’ve never spent time in before. That is perhaps one perk of conventions, although you end up spending all your time at the convention and not seeing the city. (In retrospect, I’m pretty grateful that the GRL organizers set up that excursion to Old Town Albuquerque last year, because I probably wouldn’t have seen anything outside the hotel otherwise.)

The other stuff I’m doing this year is all local, thankfully. Might be time to set up some frequent flyer accounts, though, if this trend keeps up.

5. My writing goal for the month is all skewed. I was trying to finish my WIP about the opera singer and the construction worker but then decided to write a baseball short instead! Ha! It’s only the middle of the month, so I think I can finish the baseball short and also make some headway on the opera WIP, but I may miss my self-imposed deadline of having a finished first draft of the latter by the end of the month. I’m kind of blocked with that story, but I think I just need to figure out how the various conflicts get resolved. I need a good Shower Epiphany; I have all my best ideas in the shower.