the book giveaway contest thingie

In Hot PursuitIn honor of the print release of In Hot Pursuit we’re gonna have a little contest.

IHP is about a man who goes on vacation after a rough couple of years. While on said vacation, sure, he does get involved in a kidnapping plot, but he also meets the man of his dreams. (You can read more about the book here.)

So what’s your dream vacation like? Personally, I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, Florence especially, and I imagine I’d spend lots of time looking at art and pretending to be Dante.

Here’s the dilly: I am giving away one ebook and one autographed paperback.

In the comments of this post, write a sentence or two about what your ideal vacation would be like, assuming money’s no object. Then specify if you would prefer to win an ebook or a shiny new autographed paperback.

I will draw two winners at random around 7pm EST on Monday, June 28. I’ll announce it here and also email the winners, so be sure to put your email in the comment form (only I see it).

So that’s pretty straightforward, right? Good luck!

ETA: Some comments get caught in the moderation queue. I will try to approve them promptly, but will be away from a computer for large swaths of the weekend. So don’t panic if your comment doesn’t show up right away! It may take a few hours!