Royally Yours

One day. Five couples. The most anticipated wedding in the world. But this story’s not about the bride and groom, the dukes and duchesses, this story is about the palace maid with a heart of gold, the milliner who dreams of seeing her designs adorn the pews, the American bodyguard who learns some British charm, the paparazzo after that one great shot, and the ordinary girl who dreams of being a princess. Rumors of a missing bride threaten to ruin the day, but nothing can stop the romance running rampant on the streets of London the day before the royal wedding.

This 6-episode serial was a collaboration of Megan Frampton, K.M. Jackson, Liz Maverick, Kate McMurray, and Falguni Kothari. Although each episode features a different couple, the stories are interconnected, and we recommend reading the whole serial!

Episode 1: Gwen, a spunky Paparazzo from New York already got the shot of the day of the Royal Bride’s ex lurking around town, but she’s not done yet! She plans to get the perfect shot inside the palace. Just one thing stands in her way—her former one-night-stand and sexy Queen’s Guard, Jack. (Liz Maverick)

Episode 2: Becca is a huge fan of the royal family. She’s come all the way from Minnesota for the big day. Not even a pessimistic (if handsome) Scot is going to convince her that romance isn’t real and she’s going to prove it. After a whirlwind tour of London’s most romantic spots she may have succeeded in melting his heart but their one-day romance is at an end. Or is it… (Megan Frampton)

Episode 3: American Milliner Tracy is about to have her big break as a fashionable Princess plans to wear her design to the wedding, but when she learns that another princess plans to wear an almost identical hat made by Tracy’s former boss and arch nemesis, she knows her design has been stolen and her big break might just disappear. Reluctantly she accepts the help of her former flame and nemesis’ assistant, Jeremy. Together they break into his boss’ studio and get down to more than stitching. But will their masterpiece reach the princess in time? And was Jeremy involved in his boss’ deception all along? (K.M. Jackson)

Episode 4: Jasmin has been a maid in Buckingham Palace for years, but when she discovers the bride’s bouquet destroyed she’s terrified she’ll get the blame. This isn’t just any bouquet, the royal bouquet must be made from specific flowers from a specific royal garden. Enter her long time friend and dangerously handsome gardener, Benjamin. Together they race to the royal gardens to reassemble the bouquet, and maybe finally admit their feelings for one another. (Falguni Kothari)

Episode 5: The bodyguard to the bride’s wild Maid of Honor, Mike, has orders to guard the dressing room door, but Royal Butler, Henry has an appointment, and he won’t be deterred by any pushy American, no matter how rugged. When the two finally stop arguing, they discover both the bride and the maid of honor missing. Together they must jump on Mike’s motorbike and race around London to find her before it’s too late. Along the way Mike learns that going in guns blazing doesn’t always get the best results and Henry learns that kicking down a door or two can be a useful shortcut. Will they return the bride to the palace in time? (Kate McMurray)

Episode 6: It’s the day of the wedding and it seems as if everyone has been roped into Mac’s plan to give Becca a day truly fit for a princess. When Mac reveals his true identity Becca feels like she’s living a fairytale. As the day comes to a close they must decide—was this just one more perfect day, or will they seize their happy ever after? (Megan Frampton)

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