Shorts & Novellas

In the mood for a quick snack? Check out these shorts.

Kinding Fire with Snow (Novella; Contemporary; Dreamspinner, October 2010; ebook) — Seth and Kieran haven’t seen each other since they were teenagers. They meet again one night, when a train derailment then a blizzard conspire to keep them close together. Can they recapture the magic their relationship had in their youth and make an adult relationship work, or will it all remain a memory? BUY THE BOOK!

A Walk in the Dark (Short; Contemporary; Dreamspinner, December 2011; ebook) — (Part of the 2011 Dreamspinner Advent Calendar) A year ago, Brandon was Jared’s roommate’s boyfriend—and completely off limits. Rex and Brandon have since broken up, and now, as Christmas approaches, Jared runs into Brandon again… and wonders if Brandon might return his once-helpless longing. BUY THE BOOK!

Save the Date (Novella; Contemporary; Loose Id, June 2013; ebook) — Tristan needs a date to his ex’s wedding. He finds one—and a love he never expected—in the last place he would have thought to look. But will he get in the way of his own happily ever after? BUY THE BOOK!

What There Is (Novella; Contemporary; Dreamspinner, July 2013; ebook) — New roommates make a pact: Justin will help Mark find a man if Mark will help Justin find something he loves more than baseball. BUY THE BOOK!

One Man to Remember (Novella; Historical; Dreamspinner, September 2013; ebook and paperback) — (Part of the Playing Ball anthology) In 1927, Skip hides his sexuality to protect his career until he meets a flamboyant sports reporter who catches his attention. BUY THE BOOK!

Rebels at Heart (Short Story; Historical; Self-Published, June 2014; ebook and paperback) — (Part of the For Love and Liberty anthology of multicultural Revolutionary War stories.) When war arrives in New York City, a modest man posing as a sophisticated British dandy and the love posing as his servant have to decide what is really worth fighting for. (See book page for buying options.)

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