Winter Olympics Bingo Card!

We’re on the eve of another Olympics, and I have made another Olympics bingo card, this time for the Winter Games!

I had to make some last minute edits after NBC announced it wouldn’t be sending commentators to Beijing, and I’m still not 100% sure everything will apply to our second COVID Olympics, but that’s kind of the fun of bingo anyway.

No prizes. This is just for fun.

And I get it if you’re sitting out the games. There was a good segment on the most recent episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel about how problematic it is for the IOC to have grated the games to an authoritarian government guilty of human rights abuses. I’m sure China got the games because they will spare no expense. Luckily the next few hosts will be far less problematic! (Paris, Milan, LA, and Brisbane are listed as the next host cities on the IOC website.)

But you guys know I’m an Olympics super fan, so I’ll be watching. If you want to play along with the bingo card, you can download a printable pdf here.