Re-Release: Save the Date

Save the Date Cover

A wild thing happened way back in 2012, which is that my ex-boyfriend sent me an invitation to his wedding. I did not attend said wedding, but I did grouse about the invitation on Twitter—the nerve!—and then several people responded to say something along the lines of, “You know, if this were a romance novel, you’d meet the love of your life at the wedding.” And thus I had a premise for Save the Date.

The fake-date-for-a-wedding has a long tradition in romantic comedies, and I also think that sometimes you just have to laugh at how absurd life can be, so my approach to writing the novella was, “What if this were a ’90s romantic comedy?” (Hence the cover. I like how it’s very 1992.)

So, I wrote a book about a guy named Tristan who needs a date to his ex’s wedding. He finds one in an unexpected place, but he has to kiss a lot of frogs first, and then, because it’s a romantic comedy, everything goes pear-shaped right before the wedding.

The original was released in 2013 as part of a publisher bundle of gay-wedding-related novellas. The novella itself went out of print a year and a half ago. Partly, I’ve just been busy and slow, which is why it’s been out of print so long, but I also did a lot of revising, so now the novella is updated to 2020 technology—I wrote it before dating apps were really a thing—and has about 10,000 more words. (The fun thing about getting the rights back to a story is that you can fix things you don’t think you got quite right the first time. The romance between Tristan and his love interest was a little underbaked in the original. It’s fully baked now.)

And so I give you Save the Date, now about 43,000 words (150 pages, give or take), freshened up for a new decade, and hopefully still very funny.

Available now from most ebook retailers: get it here.