Now Available: Elite Athletes 2: Stick the Landing

Stick the Landing

It’s here! My second Elite Athletes book, Stick the Landing, is available for your reading pleasure. A gymnast after gold… a retired figure skater who knows a thing or two about adversity… hot summer days and nights in Madrid…

A few years ago, I met a sports writer at a party whose beat was mostly gymnastics, and she led me into this whole new world of gymnastics podcasts and fan websites and YouTube channels that proved instrumental in my research for this book. So although you don’t need to know anything about gymnastics to understand the book, there’s a little extra for the fans here. Hopefully I didn’t make any mistakes!

Anyway, here’s more about the book:

Jake Mirakovitch might be the best gymnast in the world, but there’s one big problem: he chokes in international competition. The least successful of a family of world-class gymnasts, he has struggled to shake off nerves in the past. This time he’s determined to bring home the gold no matter what.

Retired figure skater Topher Caldwell wants a job as a commentator for the American network that covers the Olympics, and at the Summer Olympics in Madrid, he has a chance to prove himself with a few live features. He can’t afford to stumble.

Olympic victories eluded Topher, so he knows about tripping when it really counts. When he interviews Jake, the two bond over the weight of all that pressure. The flamboyant reporter attracts the kind of attention Jake–stuck in a glass closet–doesn’t want, but Jake can’t stay away. Topher doesn’t want to jeopardize his potential new job, and fooling around with a high-profile athlete seems like a surefire way to do just that. Yet Topher can’t stay away either…

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And the mass market paperback hits shelves in October!

If you missed it, Book 1, Here Comes the Flood is already out and Book 3 will be out this fall! (Book 3, Race for Redemption is a jock/nerd romance but both are track runners. I’m stoked for you guys to read that one next!)