See the Light: The Show within the Book

In my books See the Light, Jeremy is an aspiring actor who finally gets his big break: a starring role in a new Broadway show called See the Light.

Because I am a tremendous dork, I created a whole show within the book, complete with a plot, characters, and a list of songs. (I’m no songwriter, alas, or you might be getting demos of those, too.)

But, for example, here’s a snippet from my project notebook, in which I wrote out the names of every song in the show (and the character who sings it):

Why, yes,I am that much of a dork.

Maybe you can use some context clue to determine what the show is about! (It’s kind of Dear Evan Hansen meets Love, Simon with a sprinkling of what was happening with the Parkland kids this spring, because that was happening while I writing the book.)

Here’s the song list:

Act I:

  1. “Behind the Curtain”
  2. “Every Day Is the Same”
  3. “Active Shooter”
  4. “Safe and Sound”
  5. “Never Again”
  6. “Every Day Is the Same” (Reprise)
  7. “Everything Changes”
  8. “Loud and Proud”
  9. “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day”
  10. “March On”
  11. “Everything Changes” (Reprise)
  12. “I Have to Tell You”
  13. “What Would They Do If They Knew”
  14. “I’m Tired”
  15. “Out and Proud/I Have to Tell You/I’m Gay”

Act II:

  1. “I’m Fine”
  2. “Why Can’t He Be More Like Me”
  3. “How Have I Never Noticed Him Before”
  4. “March On” (Reprise)
  5. “Something Real”
  6. “Gears of Government”
  7. “The First Step”
  8. “Anything”
  9. “Finale”

The plot of See the Light the musical is intertwined with See the Light the book, and it’s all about making discoveries about yourself and what you wants out of life, and about finally seeing what’s right there in front of you.

See the Light is available for pre-order wherever you buy books. Get it here!