In Hot Pursuit, 2nd Edition

In Hot Pursuit, 2nd Ed., cover

The second edition of In Hot Pursuit (with it’s shiny new cover) is now up for pre-order!

In Hot Pursuit was my very first published novel, and it’s a little different from my others. It’s a romantic suspense—there’s a kidnapping plot and a car chase and a lot of people with guns—and it’s got a higher heat rating than many of my other books. But I’m quite fond of it.

This edition is not wildly different from the original Loose Id edition that came out in 2010. I did a pass through it to fix some clunky language and update the technology. (Remember flip phones?)

Here’s the blurb:

It’s been a rough eighteen months since NYPD cop Noah Tobin’s secret boyfriend was murdered. Noah has been burying himself in work to forget, which is why his boss orders him to take a two-week vacation. This is how Noah ends up, reluctantly, at a resort and spa in Tampa for some rest and relaxation. On his first night in sunny Florida, a chance encounter with a handsome man at a bar piques Noah’s interest. Then the man disappears. 

Noah’s vacation is turned upside down because he can’t let it go when he learns that the man he met was wealthy restaurateur Harrison Knox, and that he’s missing. Noah reports what he knows to the local police and offers to help. When Harrison Knox turns up, beaten with an inch of his life, Noah knows he should walk away but he can’t; the men after Harry have deep ties to organized crime in Florida, for one thing, but more than that, he can’t seem to let Harry go…

The pre-order is in the process of going live as of the time I’m writing this post. You can pre-order right now from Amazon and Kobo, and it should be up at iBooks and Barnes & Noble within the next few days. The book will release on Valentine’s Day, February 14, which is coincidentally within a few days of the 9th (!) anniversary of the book’s original release!

(I’ll update these links as the book goes live on these sites.)

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