“Rebels at Heart” Now Available!

I’ve released my short story, “Rebels at Heart” as a standalone. This revolutionary war romance was originally part of the For Love and Liberty anthology, which will be going out of print shortly. The standalone story has been revised and slightly expanded.

Charles Foxworth is among New York City’s most fashionable men, though he is only pretending to be a dashing British aristocrat. Still, he is content with his role and has little interest in the war. His companion, Isaac Ward, has more invested in the coming conflict; Isaac was born a slave, and though he is now free, that freedom could be guaranteed if he chose to pick up arms. Then war arrives on the shores of the city and Charles’s idyll is over. He quickly realizes that the war could take from him the very thing he holds most dear: Isaac.

Please note, this is a 15,000 word story, not a full novel.

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