Now Available: Show and Tell, 2nd edition

I’m very excited to announce that the second edition of Show and Tell is now live, at least in ebook form. This is, perhaps, the most paranormal of the paranormal romances I’ve written, and it includes Celtic mythology, reincarnated gods, past lives, and an evil shapeshifter, all of which get tangled up at an antique shop that is the subject of a popular reality show. Phew!

The original was put out by Loose Id in 2013. The new edition, but out by yours truly, is expanded by about 20,000 words, which includes some edits and the reintegration of a number of scenes that were deleted from the first edition. Some of these scenes were added back in as “Interludes” which you can choose to read or skip, but I think they enhance the overall story by showing a more complete picture of Dan and Malcom’s previous lives together.

Here’s the blurb:

Dan is a superfan of the TV show Junk Shop, hosted by the handsome and charismatic Malcolm Tell. When an old music box turns up, Dan’s sister encourages him to try to get on the show and meet the object of his affection. He does, and everything changes.

When Dan and Malcolm first meet, they have a sudden vision of something horrible that happened years ago. Is it a glimpse at a past life or something else entirely? They agree to work together to find answers and discover a forgotten Celtic myth that may explain everything. If the myth is true, then Dan and Malcolm could be a pair of lovers who have been reincarnated over two thousand years. That seems impossible, but it’s hard to deny that something very strange is happening.

As Dan and Malcolm work to find the truth, they fall for each other hard. But searching for who they really are puts them both in grave danger, and they find themselves racing against time to keep their happily ever after.

You can buy it from any of these places:

Barnes & Noble

And paperbacks are coming soon! Look for those in the next two weeks or so.