Out in the Field, 2nd Ed, Preorder Info!

OutInTheFieldFSIt’s spring, so you may need some hot baseball action in your life. If you can’t wait to get your hot little hands on the new edition of Out in the Field (which drops May 16) here’s where you can preorder:

Dreamspinner Press
Barnes & Noble
Apple iBooks
All Romance eBooks.

It will also be at Kobo, but it’s not live at press time. Check there later this week if it’s your preferred store. (I’ll try to remember to update the link when it’s live.)

Out in the Field: Second Edition

OutInTheFieldFSOut in the Field, my 2012 romance novel about two Major League baseball players who find love despite the odds, has gone out of print this week. But no worries! I’ve revised and updated the book, which includes adding a couple of new scenes, and the new edition will be out on May 16!

You can preorder it from Dreamspinner Press (and soon everywhere else).

Here’s the new description:

Matt Blanco is a legend on the Brooklyn Eagles, but time and injuries have taken their toll. With his career nearing its end, he’s almost made it to retirement without anyone learning his biggest secret: he’s gay in a profession not particularly known for its tolerance.

Iggy Rodriquez is the hot new rookie in town, landing a position in the starting lineup of the team of his dreams and playing alongside his idol, Matt Blanco. Iggy doesn’t think it can get any better, until an unexpected encounter in the locker room with Matt proves him wrong.

A relationship—and everything it could reveal—has never been in the cards for Matt, but Iggy has him rethinking his priorities. They fall hard for each other, struggling to make it through trades, endorsement deals, and the threat of retirement. Ultimately they will be faced with a choice: love or baseball?

Where to find me at #RT16

las-vegas-signThe RT Booklovers Convention is next week! I’ll be there with bells on. (Or sequins. I figured if I was going to be in Vegas, I should bling up my wardrobe.) If you’ll be there, too, I’d love it if you found me and said hi. Here’s where I’ll be:

Tuesday, 8pm: Cinema Craptastique! Wherein we watch a bad movie, mock it, and also hand out prizes. I’m cohosting alongside Damon Suede, Tere Michaels, Amy Lane, Cherry Adair, and Laura Kaye. It’ll be spectacular. (To play at home, rent Abduction with Taylor Lautner and follow the hashtag #RTCC on Twitter. I hear what you’re saying, but this is a bad movie with an Oscar-caliber cast and a climax at a baseball game. Everyone there will be tweeting snark, so it’ll be 100% worth it.)

Thursday, 10am: Dreamspinner Reader Party: Join a bunch of Dreamspinner authors for a rousing game of Apples to Apples for fun and prizes!

Thursday: 2:45pm: Love on the Field: I’m talking sports romance with genre heavyweights Jaci Burton, Tracy Solheim, and Kristen Callihan. Our main topic of conversation will be how to research and write sports romances, but come with questions and we’ll answer them!

Thursday: 5:15pm: Kensington’s Chapel of Love: Kensington’s reader party will have snacks and free books! I’ll be there signing copies of Such a Dance.

Saturday, 10:30am: Giant Book Fair: I’ll be signing at the Giant Book Fair. I’ll have copies of The Silence of the Stars, When the Planets Align, and The Windup.

Saturday, 6pm: FAN-tastic Day Party: Dreamspinner is hosting again, so I’ll be floating around the party, I’m sure, but also featured in the second half of the party.

I’m also putting a prize basket together for Wheel of Romance at 10am Friday. This is a great way to parlay the swag you collect at the convention into prizes. And I’ll be sure to put in an appearance at all the parties.

So that’s where I’ll be! I think it’ll be a great convention, and I’m super excited for it.

Ten Days in August blog tour!

Ten Days In AugustHere is a complete list of stops on the blog tour, which includes posts with background information, history, excerpts, and more!

Joyfully Jay (post: drag queens in history)
Romantic Reads and Such (post: why I like the Gilded Age as a setting)
Fresh Fiction (post: real historical figures in romance novels
Mary Gramlich (post: on the summer of 1896 as a setting/historical background)
HEA USA Today (interview)
Ever After Romance (post: what it was like to be gay in the 1890s)
Novels Alive (post: American-set historical romance)
Karen’s Killer Book Bench (excerpt)
Manic Readers (post: brief historical info about the Bowery)
Shelley K. Wall (post: New York’s changing geography)
Romance Divas (post: what inspired me about the Gilded Age setting)
Readers Entertainment (excerpt)
Cynthia Woolf (interview)
RomCon (excerpt)

Also, in case you missed it, here are my blog posts on the book: Ten Days in August and real history and Photos of New York in the 1890s. I’ve also got a Gilded Age Pinterest board with lots more photos (mostly of New York and also fashion).

Get the book in any of these places:
Barnes & Noble
All Romance
Apple iBooks

Greatest Hits!

I have greatest hits, and you can now purchase them in one convenient bundle!

Five of my novels are now available in one neat package through Dreamspinner Press for only $9.99. It’s the Kate McMurray Greatest Hits Bundle! The books are:

Blind Items
Four Corners
The Stars that Tremble
When the Planets Align
The Windup

Hard to beat that deal! Shorter descriptions: a reporter and the son of a conservative politician meet and then there are shenanigans; Jake’s best friend Adam ditched him five years ago, but now he’s back—is it for good?; an opera singer meets the father of one of his student, and each helps the other get over his losses; old friends never quite seem to be in the same place at the same time—until they are; and the launch of my series about the guys who play for an LGBT baseball league in New York.


You can also purchase through Amazon or the ebookstore of your choice.