New York at Christmas—Sales, etc.

I’ve been procrastinating over the last couple of days by building this mega Christmas playlist, so I’ve been browsing Spotify for songs, and I’ve noticed there are a lot of songs about New York at Christmas. With good reason; New York has some magic to it at Christmas time. Truth be told, though, I’ve gotten a little cynical the last few years.

For example, this weekend, I went with my sister-in-law to the Union Square holiday market. It was mobbed. I always get nervous there because I got my pocket picked there once a few years ago. But we had a good time and found a lot of good gifts for our family members. Saturday was also SantaCon, an increasingly insane New York tradition wherein 20-somethings dress like Santa and barhop around the city—it’s like St. Patrick’s Day with Santa suits instead of green, and it goes on all day. It’s one of those things I used to find funny, but when we went to lunch, we saw a girl in a Santa suit already totally wasted… at 2 in the afternoon.

But big crowds and drunk Santas notwithstanding, there’s still some magic in the lights and the decorations and some busker playing “Silver Bells” in the subway, and that’s something I try to capture when I write holiday stories set in New York.

So, all that said, two announcements:

ChristmasinNewYork_DSPsite1. Dreamspinner Press is celebrating Christmas in New York by putting a bunch of romance novels set in New York on sales for $1 each through the 18th. So you can get your mitts on When the Planets Align, my angsty friends-to-lovers tale, for cheap!

You can also pre-order my upcoming holidays-in-NYC story Devin December from just about anywhere: Dreamspinner, Amazon, All Romance eBooks, etc. A flight attendant and a movie star get snowed in at LaGuardia in the first part, and get to know each other in NYC during December before they have to decide whether to step out of the bubble of the holidays together or let their holiday affair fizzle.

I wish you and yours a stupendous holiday season, no matter what you celebrate!