In Case You Missed It…

I didn’t really do an organized book tour for Such a Dance, but I was all over the place this week, so here’s what you may have missed:

Let’s do non-Such a Dance related stuff first.

I wrote a flash fic for Halloween. Ghosts at a smallpox hospital, and yet it’s still more cute than scary.

Across the East River Bridge just went out of print, but I’m hard at work getting the second edition ready. Which isn’t a thing I said on the Internet this week, but I thought you should know!

I did a Friday Fun Five for Halloween on Elle Brownlee’s blog with Lyla Bellatas, Alyssa Cole, Poppy Dennison, and Elle.

And now, Such a Dance things you may have missed:

I took over the Kensington Books tumblr on Monday and Tuesday and posted some exclusive content. Highlights: Jazz Age slang, the Jazz Age playlist, and fun facts about 1927.

Postcard for the Cotton & France show, part of Jimmy Blanchard's Doozies (from SUCH A DANCE)

Postcard for the Cotton & France show, part of Jimmy Blanchard’s Doozies (from SUCH A DANCE)

I wrote a guest post for Ever After on what it was like to be gay in the 1920s.

In preparation for the Coastal Magic Convention next year, I wrote a flash fic featuring Eddie and Lane, in which I go with them to Coney Island. For reasons.