new social media things!

I’m back from RWA and still recovering, but I wanted to let you all know about a couple of things.

I’ve been quietly setting up social media accounts for… reasons. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, here are a few places you can follow me:

• I’m now on tumblr and following mostly fashion tumblrs at the moment. Most of what I’ve been posting is Rainbow-League-related, and/or blog cross-posts. I hope to change that soon with some original content! So, if you’re on tumblr, follow me there, or even just let me know which tumblrs you follow and enjoy in the comments.

• I’ve got a bunch of Pinterest boards set up that are project related, including one for the Rainbow League, a couple for my upcoming historical romances, and, well, a few dedicated to fashion, but those are really just for fun. 🙂 (I get lost in Pinterest rabbit holes quite easily. It might be affecting my productivity.)

Links to all of my social media can be found in the website sidebar. And if I met you at RWA, please say hi!