Baseball Monday: The All-Star Break

Baseball MondaysIf you’re a Major League Baseball fan, you know this week is the All-Star Game. This year, the timing is strange, because I’ve been playing fantasy baseball all season and finally, mercifully, I’ve got a team that doesn’t totally suck and I’m inching up the standings… and then All-Star Break. It’s kind of anti-climactic. Not to mention, I always thought there was something kind of Field Day-ish about the pageantry of the All-Star Game and the Home Run Derby. Fun, sure, but irrelevant and kind of childish? I dunno.

The fun part, though, is the way the teams rally on social media to get their guys on the NL or AL teams. Thus the All-Star teams end up being a Who’s Who of the most popular players in the game. (Talent is usually relevant—baseball fans typically like players who do well and help win games—but since fans vote, it’s more a popularity contest than anything else.)

All Star GameWhich begs the question: who would be on your All-Star team? After I finish putting most of this year’s Yankee team on there—because I really thought this year would be not great, but as of when I’m writing this post, we’re currently in first place in the division—who’s left?

I mean, the team doesn’t have to be all Yankees. We can pick some guys from other teams, too.

I’ll kick the question to you all. Which athletes, be they current, historical, real, or fictional, would be on the All-Star Team… of your heart?

Some suggestions to get you going:

Babe RuthI’ve always been fascinated by Babe Ruth, one of the greatest players of all time, whose athletic prowess was essentially fueled by hot dogs, moonshine, and women. Hardly performance enhancing drugs, those. It can’t be denied that the 1927 Yankees, on which Ruth was part of the Murderer’s Row of unstoppable hitters, was one of the greatest baseball teams ever assembled. Ruth’s stats still hold up, and his records went unchallenged for decades.

jeter-306-1406130724As a Yankees fan since the early 90s, I watched pretty much all of the Captain’s career, and he will forever be one of my favorites. Likable guy, super talented, part of the late-90s NYY dynasty. NGL, he was a little bit the inspiration for Matt Blanco in Out in the Field.

Jmd 0270 MAUER BPOh, you want a non-Yankee? Fine, fine. Here’s Joe Mauer from the Twins, forever and always my baseball boyfriend. He’s so cute. 😉 (Your choices don’t have to be deep. Sometimes a little shallow ogling is okay.)

Tom BerengerI always had kind of a soft spot for Tom Berenger’s character in Major League. Maybe I have a soft spot for underdogs? No, I’m a Yankees fan, never mind. Honorable fictional mention to every character Kevin Costner has played in a baseball movie, because there are a lot of those.

All right, your turn. Who’s on your All-Star Team? They don’t even have to be baseball players if baseball isn’t your sport. Football? Hockey? Basketball? Who you got?