a little more about Thrown a Curve

Thrown a CurveBecause I was out of town for pretty much all of May, I didn’t really have sufficient time to organize a blog tour for Thrown a Curve. Usually, I save my dorky explanations of the characters or the process behind the book for the blog tour, but since I didn’t really ever put that together, I thought I’d put a few of my thoughts up on the blog.

So here’s a bit more about how the series came about. When I knew I was creating a baseball league, I figured it should be representative of New York City. I therefore aimed for the league to have a truly diverse cast of characters. That really comes to the fore in Thrown a Curve.

So we have Mason, an African-American former professional baseball player (for the Yankees, obvs) who is athletic and would prefer to blend in with a crowd. (Although after he came out on the cover of People, he doesn’t really care that much.) As you may recall, he met Patrick at the end of The Windup. Patrick is an effeminate, pierced, tattooed hairdresser who is constantly dying his hair crazy colors. He, uh, sticks out in a crowd.

I like an opposites attract situation, although Mason and Patrick have more in common than they think. Mason in particular thinks he should be attracted to guys like himself—athletic, masculine, not obviously gay—but in reality is strongly attracted to men who play around with gender. His attraction to Patrick taps into something in himself, something his career and his family prevented him from expressing. One of the themes of the book is staying safe vs. taking a risk, of going after the thing you want instead of the thing you think you’re supposed to want. That is something I think we can all related to, to a degree.

Patrick is also not a Hipster—it’s an inter-team romance.

There’s more of the Nate-Carlos-Aiden triangle in this book, too, setting up Nate and Carlos for Book 3. (The Long Slide Home, out in August!)

This was a tough book to write, mostly because I wanted to do these characters justice; I was aiming to write characters a little outside of the norm of what you see in gay romance, while also keeping the tone light and fun and just angsty enough to hook readers. Hopefully you’ll agree it’s a good story.

Get a sneak peak; I added an excerpt to the book page.

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