Throwback Thursday: Blind Items

Blind Items CoverBlind Items was my third published novel; it came out way back in the summer of 2011. But I started it back in 2008, before I wrote In Hot Pursuit, even.

The novel is the story of Drew, an LGBT columnist who writes a column for a low-rent alt-weekly. His editor asks him to do a story on Jonathan, the son of an uber-conservative senator who is rumored to be seeking higher office. There’s an unsubstantiated rumor that Jonathan fooled around with other guys in college, and Drew’s editor wants to do an expose that would embarrass the senator. I bet you can see where this is going.

The novel actually started off as a book about three childhood friends who were growing apart: Drew and his best friends Rey and Allie. Rey ended up still being an integral part of the final book (he and Jonathan are cousins) but a lot of his backstory got cut. There was a subplot in which Rey reconciled with his estranged mother that got cut; for the best, as was probably too melodramatic. Rey and Allie slept together in the original draft and ended up together, but that wasn’t working, so I broke them up in a subsequent draft and Drew found himself having to choose sides. That was too much, too. I finally cut out a bunch of subplots and boiled the novel down to be primarily the Drew/Jonathan romance, but that penultimate version was written in third person. There was something about the book that still wasn’t working for me, so I let it sit for a while, wrote other novels, and when I came back, I thought, “As an experiment, what if I changed it to first person?” I realized once I’d rewritten the first chapter from Drew’s POV that the rewrite was just right; I’d finally figured out how to make the story come together.

Blind Items is a New York-y book, too, taking place mostly in Brooklyn, and it was the first of my published novels set in NYC. There’s no baseball, though. 😛

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