COVER REVEAL: When the Planets Align

I am elated to show you all the shiny new cover for my upcoming contemporary romance novel, When the Planets Align!


I know, right? It’s so pretty. That’s some hot Manhattan Bridge action.

What is the book about? Well, just in case the cover isn’t enough to grab your attention, here’s the blurb:

Best friends Michael Reeves and Simon Newell always lived within ten minutes of each other, but somehow they’re never in the same place at the same time.

Brash, outgoing Michael’s unwavering confidence that he and Simon are meant to be carries him through some hard times. When Simon moves to New York, Michael dutifully follows. Quiet, practical Simon loves Michael as a dear friend, but he’s not ready for anything romantic.

Several years and several failed relationships later, Simon realizes he’s been in love with Michael all along. Only now Michael has moved on. Though Simon offers everything Michael’s ever dreamed of, the timing is all wrong. Confusion, betrayal, and secrets from the past threaten their friendship until it might be time for them to go their separate ways. Or maybe the planets will finally align, and Michael and Simon will find themselves in the right place at the right time to take the next step.

It’ll be out in mid-December. I’ll post links when it goes up for pre-order. 😀

When the Planets Align Blog Tour Sign-Up

I’m setting up a blog tour for When the Planets Align, which is out December 19! I’m billing it as kind of a gay When Harry Met Sally… albeit less funny. But two guys who have been friends forever have a romance that spans fourteen years and I’m so elated to have this book go out into the world.

ANYWAY, if you are a blogger interested in participating in the tour, fill out this form:

Where to Find Me at GRL

GRL Chicago With LoveThe convention is nigh! I’m a featured author at the GayRomLit (GRL) retreat in the Chicago area. This will be my fourth time! I’m so excited to see everyone! Here is my schedule:

Author Lounge, Friday 12:30pm–1:10pm

Fun Fair: Scrapbooking with the Rainbow Romance Writers, Friday 2:30pm–4:20pm (Crafty fun!)

Storyteller Spotlight: Unspeakable Love: Gay Romance of the Past with Charlie Cochet, Jordan L. Hawk, and yours truly, Saturday 9:00am–9:55am

Featured Author Booksigning, Saturday 2:00pm–5:00pm (Be sure to pick up the Featured Author sampler; I contributed an excerpt.)

I’m sure I’ll also put in appearances at the parties and just be floating around. If you’re an RRW member, I’ve got member pins I can bestow on you. I went low key with the swag, but you’ll be able to pick up Kate McMurray pins, postcards, bookmarks, magnets, and a limited number of pens.

Rainbow Awards

FinalistSMI’m elated to announced that two of my books have moved on to the second round of the Rainbow Awards.

The Silence of the Stars is a finalist in gay contemporary romance. It also won an honorable mention (meaning it scored a 36/40 or better from at least one judge).

Playing Ball, the baseball anthology I put together with Shae Connor, Kerry Freeman, and Marguerite Labbe, is a finalist in the LGBT anthology category.

Woot! 😎

Huge congratulations to the other finalists. I’ve got some stiff competition!

Here’s the complete list of finalists. In addition, the contest raised nearly $11,500 for charity.