At GRL this week…

I have started 3 separate GRL-related posts and then not put them up, partly because I’ve been so busy that I keep starting them without finishing them. But here is a quickie with some info about what I’ll be up to:

The Saturday Book Signing is open to the public, so if you can’t make it to GRL but are within travel distance of Atlanta, you can come by and meet a lot of awesome authors.

I’ll be at the Writers Workshop all day Wednesday. I’m teaching a workshop about setting and have come up with enough to talk about to fill an hour. There’s a hand-out. I may tell a few jokes. It’ll be fun.

I’m reading from The Stars that Tremble on Thursday.

I’m doing a storyteller spotlight on Friday with TA Chase and Devon Rhodes in which we will discuss sports romances and give away lots of cool prizes. I made plushie baseballs, guys. They are really cute.

And on Friday during the Fun Fair, you can come get your craft on at the Rainbow Romance Writers scrapbooking event.

If you end up at my Dine with an Author table, I’ve got some cool New York-y items to give away.

I have agonized over outfits and am still not totally sure which outfit I am wearing to which party. If anyone wants to play wardrobe consultant, the position is available.

Also, confidential to anyone who sees this: I found 2 copies of In Hot Pursuit when I was packing yesterday, and I will happily give one to whoever gets to me first.

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