five things on friday—last one for a while

I like doing this weekly wrap-up posts, but I’m currently hella busy and also have TWO books to promote over the next few weeks. I will probably continue to throw some spaghetti at the blog wall on Fridays for the next two months, but not do a whole five things post again until probably late October.

(Also, I’ve been watching a lot of the Food Network, and now can’t even type “spaghetti” without thinking about the weird way Giada Di Laurentis says it, which is probably accurate, but I grew up in North Jersey where Italians eat pro-shoot and mooz-a-rell and ri-cahd-da cheese, so it always sounds weird. Did any of you watch the admittedly boring latest season of Next Food Network Star? Did you noticed how Alton Brown sometimes subtly makes fun of the way she pronounces pasta dishes? More evidence that Alton Brown is the best. But anyway…)

Before I get into it, ANNOUNCEMENT: If you’re in the greater New York Metropolitan Area, I will again be signing at the Brooklyn Book Festival on September 22nd. I’ll post details next week.

Here are five things that happened in the last week, in no particular order:

1. Maybe you didn’t hear, but New York City had an election? Ha, well, as an actual resident of the City of New York, I got up early Tuesday to go vote in the primary. This is low stakes if you live outside the city, despite all the national news coverage, and I have a policy of not really talking about politics here, but I will say I did get totally sucked into the coverage on NY1 Tuesday night. For the uninitiated, NY1 is the local 24-hour news channel. When I first moved to the city, it was delightfully low budget. (The station Robin works for in the early seasons of How I Met Your Mother is clearly patterned after NY1, right down to the guy who reads headlines from the local papers, except in real life, that guy is awesome.)

2. I was in Philly last weekend for tourism and the consumption of delicious meals at nice but moderately priced restaurants. (You live in New York long enough, the price of things in other cities start to seem like a bargain.) It was a nice trip. I took my mother, who wanted to go see the Battleship New Jersey, which is parked on the Camden side of the Delaware River. We did the self-guided tour and saw some for-real actual sailors! They seemed to be on the boat for some kind of ceremony followed by training exercises. My mom went on all day about how cute the white sailor uniforms are. We spent time in actual Philadelphia, too, mostly nerding out at historical sights. The weather was great, which certainly didn’t hurt anything.

3. I’m reading almost exclusively nonfiction right now, but the stuff I’m reading is giving me all manner of story ideas. Which is problematic, because I’ve got other stuff I need to finish first. That’s always the way. I get some of my best ideas when I’m on deadline.

4. Last night, I went to the Golden Apple Awards, which is the annual awards reception for the NYC RWA chapter. I schmoozed, I drank wine, I chatted with friends. It was really fun. Plus, the event was held in an upper-floor conference room at the Flatiron building on the front pointy side with a fabulous view of Madison Square Park. That was really cool for me; as an armchair architecture nerd, it was exciting to go inside such an iconic building.

5. As you may or may not know, I’m helping plan the writers workshop portion of GayRomLit in October, so I spent part of this week organizing my info on editors and agents. One thing that I think is really awesome is the number of editors/publishers/agents who are interested in books across the whole LGBT spectrum, not just m/m. There’s certainly room in the marketplace for everyone, and I believe there are readers out there for all manner of books, so I hope we get some fantastic breakout books in the next couple of years.