Question for the Masses: Bookmarks

My general philosophy with swag is that I want to offer up things people will actually take. The two things I almost always take at conventions are pens and bookmarks. (I like to take bookmarks because I still read a fair number of paper books and I am really good at losing bookmarks. I’ve already lost a few of the bookmarks I took at BEA, and that was less than a month ago. Skills, I has them.)

Anyway, I’m almost out of the bookmarks I ordered last year so it’s time to re-stock. That seems like a good reason to re-design, since the old one is a generic one from last year that doesn’t show anything published this year.

So, okay, pretend you are at a convention and you’re walking through Swag Alley or whatever and you stop at the Kate McMurray table because you think she’s a swell gal, and, oh hey, bookmarks! What do you want to see on said bookmark?

Is it better to have a generic bookmark for the author or a specific one for one particular book? What info besides the author’s name and wesbite do you want to see? Or are eye-catching graphics and sturdy paper really all you need from a bookmark?

Just curious! Let me know what you think, readers.

3 thoughts on “Question for the Masses: Bookmarks

  1. JayHJay says:

    I think it depends on how many you are going to have. If you are making multiple options, I think having different ones for each book are fun and people can pick their favorites. I think if you are only doing one, something with multiple covers can be fun and a good way to show off all your books to a reader who may only be familiar with one or two. Or if you have a character who is well known, maybe something that features that character and highlights that book.

  2. kate says:

    Ooh, I like the idea of character-specific bookmarks. I’ll keep that in mind for GRL. I think in the short term (like, for RWA, which is in, like, 3 weeks, yipes) I’m just going to do one.

  3. Judy says:

    I collect bookmarks so if you have one for each book or one for each of several main characters, so much the better. However, if you were only going to have one, I would like one that features you, perhaps with small graphics of each of your books.

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