I survived RT!

Actually, the whole thing was awesome. I will hopefully have more to say on Friday when I’m better rested (although I have deadlines this week, so that may be a pipe dream) but I did have a great time and I met some great people, and I laughed more this week than I have in a long time. There are a lot of romance fans and authors that I just adore and it was a pleasure to spend time with some of you last week. I am giddy with excitement for next year’s RT in New Orleans.

But a few things:

1. I was struck by the role of social media in an environment in which you are basically interacting face-to-face with people you would only see online (or in your dreams) otherwise. Because there was a lot of chatter on Twitter and Facebook through the whole thing.

2. Guys, I signed books at an event in which some of the best romance writers on the planet were also signing books, I had FANS come to my table specifically to see me and not just by accident, and I am humbled that such a thing happened. I mean, Laura Kinsale, you guys. I got to tell Laura Kinsale that Flowers from the Storm is my favorite historical romance of all time ever, and she was totally sweet in the face of all my gushing.

3. I mean, the big name romance writers are treated like rock stars at a convention like RT, and that is AS IT SHOULD BE.

4. Thanks to Mary G. for this very nice shout out in the RT coverage for the USA Today HEA blog.

That’s all I got for now; a week like that will wipe you out, and I was up late last night because I was still so wired, so I’m tired today. I will have more things to say in my weekly Five Things post on Friday, or sooner maybe. But yeah, it was really great. Also great, did I say great? (Synonyms. Hard to come up with when you’re down to your last couple of awake brain cells.)