five things: stop worrying people will think you’re crazy

Weekly wrap-up!

1. Rainbow Book Fair tomorrow! (Holiday Inn Midtown on W. 57th Street, noon to 6pm!) I will be there with bells on. I should be at the Rainbow Romance Writers table most of the day.

2. Would you like to win a copy of Show and Tell? Of course you would. You can do so over at Elisa’s blog.

She looks all innocent, but is actually eeeevil.

She looks all innocent, but is actually eeeevil.

3. My cat caught another mouse yesterday morning and thought it might be a good idea to bring it to me while I lounged in bed. I disagreed with her, yelled, “NO NO NO NO!!” and then she dropped the mouse and it ran under my bed. Then the cat caught it again, again tried to bring it up to me in bed, again prompted me to scream a lot. (My roommate later told me that she heard me screaming, but said, “I just thought the cat was throwing up on your rug again.” So… yeah. The joys of cat ownership.) The mouse got away a second time. I have no idea where it got to. (Out of my bedroom, I hope.) The cat seems to be catching them in the pantry. (We store pots and pans in the pantry, not food, so I don’t know what the appeal to living there would be for a mouse, and yet.) I barricaded the pantry (well, I MacGuyvered a way to lock it closed so the cat can’t get back into it to terrorize more mice) so I hope this stops soon, but I’m going to be having nightmares about tiny mice crawling over me in my sleep for a while, so thanks, cat.

4. I’ve been reading The Artist’s Way, and there’s a bit toward the beginning in which Julia Cameron explains things we can do to stop getting in our own way creatively. One of the things she says is, “Stop worrying people will think you’re crazy.” And I thought, “Oh, man, yeah, that’s exactly it!” How often do we inhibit ourselves out of worry someone will think we’re nuts? I don’t know about you, but I do this kind of a lot. So, I’ve decided, my new mantra is Stop worrying people will think you’re crazy. I wrote it in all caps on the whiteboard over my desk. So look for more crazy in the future, I guess? (Actually, I’m mostly applying this to my self-esteem. Stop worrying people will judge me for writing romance, stop worrying people will judge me for writing m/m, stop worrying people will judge me for whatever. I’ll just own it and do what I want. Or something.)

5. I read the new Ty and Zane book this week. The ending, OMG. I’m hopping up and down for the next one. Anyone read anything good this week?