five things on friday

Wrap it up, week!

1. I leave in a few hours for the wilds of New Jersey for the Liberty States Fiction Writers conference. If you’re in the area, the book fair Saturday evening is open to the public. I’m excited; I’ve heard from past attendees that it’s a fun conference. And I’m really excited about the lineup of workshops and attending authors.

2. Speaking of conventions, I registered for GayRomLit last weekend. I’ll be attending as a featured author. I am super excited about that, too! I’m helping out a bit with the writers workshop, too, and I think that will be a really great event as well.

3. I finished a draft of my opera singer novel, tentatively titled The Stars that Tremble. I still need to write the epilogue and I have a lot of revision work to do, but the first draft is basically done, so woo!

4. I bought a lot of accessories this week; I guess I was feeling too plain. I now own a couple of pairs of sexy shoes and some funky new jewelry. These things make me happy.

5. I’m still reading a lot of nonfiction, but it’s all pretty good stuff. The problem I’m having right now is that I’m reading, like, five books at once and so not finishing any of them. (And then last Sunday, I had dinner at my brother’s place and borrowed another book. It’s a problem I have.)

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