five things: ah-choo!

Weekly wrap-up!

1. I’m a big sniffly, sneezy, coughing mess and have been all week, as I’ve been struck with a fairly nasty cold—not the flu, knock on wood—that is persistent and terrible. So most of my week involved a lot of unpleasantness and was not that interesting. But I shall endeavor to come up with things to talk about now!

2. The Boy Scouts of America made the news this week because they are considering amending the policy on gay scouts and leaders—not that they would even officially allow gay scouts/leaders but that they would leave it up to individual troops.

It’s a close-to-home issue in some ways. My youngest brother was an Eagle Scout. So was my dad, and one of his retirement hobbies is to act as a district leader for Boy Scouts. Because he is great, my dad has been quite outspoken about his opposition to the ban on gay scouts for a long time. We’ve talked about it a bit recently, particularly in the wake of BSA reaffirming the ban last year. He thought that lifting the ban was unlikely given that so much of scouting is supported by the Mormon and Catholic churches, but it seems to me that if enough corporations pull their funding, Boy Scouts will be forced to make a change. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what has happened.

If the Boy Scouts change the rules, gay scouts and leaders will totally be allowed in my dad’s district, which I suppose is a step in the right direction, but it’s not enough.

And here’s a great irony: my brother’s old troop almost got its charter revoked last month. Why? Because the charter was held by a church whose minister happens to be a lesbian, and she refused to sign paperwork supporting an anti-gay organization. (Can’t say I blame her, frankly.)

3. I’m reading like a fiend! During the beginning of my infirm last weekend, I read almost all of Outlander, which was then discussed at my book club Monday night. It’s one of those romance classics I just never got around to reading but always kind of wanted to. (I wrote up my review on Goodreads, if you’re curious for my thoughts on the book.) One thing I will add is that the book highlighted how little I now about Scottish history, which is something I intend to rectify soon. I’ve read not one but TWO books this week that referenced the Battle of Culloden but I had no idea what it was about. Time to fix that!

I also signed up to judge the RITAs, and so I will be devoting the next few weeks to reading those books. I can’t tell you what they are, but I can say that it’s a really interesting mix, mostly in genres I don’t usually read. (A couple look really good and one is by an author I’ve been wanting to read for a while. It’s not all bad, being a contest judge.)

I am VERY CURIOUS about how all this shakes out. I entered a book this year, and though I feel like the odds of me finaling are slim, I would be elated if any LGBT book made one of the short lists. I think we might be close to that happening.

4. Two weeks until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training!!

5. Despite the fact that I am going through a kind of creative drought at the moment, I have two stories out for submission at the moment. Fingers crossed!

Also an admin thing: a few legit comments got snagged in the spam filter, and because I’m slow about cleaning it out, they sat there for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that! Non-spam comments all went through this morning!

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