five things: release week!

What a week! Let’s review.

1. Show and Tell came out Tuesday! It is now available in all of the usual places, so you should be able to buy it at your ebook retailer of choice.

Here’s where I’ve been on the promotion trail this week:

+ I wrote a guest post for Joyfully Jay talking a little about the mythology behind the story. You can also enter to win a copy of the book by leaving a comment; the contest is open until Sunday, 1/13.

+ I did an interview with Madeline Iva of Lady Smut. We mostly talked about m/m generally. I met Madeline and the Lady Smut ladies at the New Jersey Romance Writers convention last fall and they are super fun, so check out their site.

Not your college roommate's duck tape wallet!

Not your college roommate’s duck tape wallet!

2. Kate’s Kraft Corner I needed a distraction from the Internet earlier this week, because otherwise I would have obsessed over reviews and stared forlornly at my Amazon rank. So, I bought some fancy duck tape and made this cute little wallet. I used a pattern I found online, but I think if I had it to do over, I’d make one with more pockets. Also, duck tape is kind of frustrating to work with; did you know it’s really sticky?

3. Oscar nominations came out this week and I was surprised to see that I’ve actually seen a few of the Best Picture nominees this year, because I rarely go to the movies. Although my favorite movie last year? Pitch Perfect.

4. In writing news, I sent a novella off to my editor and now I’m hankering down to try to finish my current WIP, which is not going so well. I’m struggling a little with the conflict. These two men are into each other and get along well, which: boring, right? I don’t want the story to get super angsty, but I need to figure out how to add enough conflict propel the novel forward.

I read a ton over the holidays, and a couple of those books were relatively conflict-free love stories, but they still really worked for me. I think a sweet love story can be really great, but it’s only enough to sustain my interest in a short story or novella. I’m currently writing a novel, so I need some plot and conflict, but, man, my brain is a little fried this week.

5. So… a fifth thing? I dunno, this was a slow news week. I mean, aside from the obvious. I wasn’t feeling well last weekend, so I didn’t do anything interesting. During the week I mostly just watched a lot of dumb reality TV.

What’s the craziest thing you saw on TV this week? Mine was probably a cross between the episode of Millionaire Matchmaker I saw last night featuring a drag queen (crazy mostly because both bachelors in the episode chose exactly the wrong person for themselves) and that new Lifetime show about the women who own a lingerie shop (I was expecting What Not to Wear for underwear, but the show is far more surreal).