five things on friday: escape from the island edition

This was a WEEK you guys.

Mosaic at the Houston Street stop on the 1 train. This could have been our future!

1. Vote! Well, presumably you already got that taken care of Tuesday, but in my tiny universe, the election for the Rainbow Romance Writers Board is Monday and I am running for Vice President (against JP Barnaby, who has been a gracious opponent and said a lot of really nice things about me… she is also a swell gal and I appreciate that she is encouraging participation in the chapter). Anyway, if you’re a chapter member, please remember to vote on Monday. (And if you are an LGBT romance writer but are not a member of the chapter… why not?)

2. There is a whole world outside my neighborhood! I left Brooklyn for the first time in two weeks on Monday to go to Lady Jane’s Salon (that’s NYC’s monthly romance reading series). I’m really glad I did that; all of the readings were great and I got to patronize a bar that lost a week’s worth of revenue while the lower part of Manhattan was without power. Thanks to the MTA for actually getting the subway back up much faster than expected; I was starting to feel a little trapped. The train lines that go through my neighborhood were all back up as of Tuesday, and I think the whole system was more or less back up yesterday, so now I can come and go at my leisure. (Lord knows I’d be SOL if I actually drove. They’re rationing gas in the city now.)

The one weird direct consequence of the storm for me is that I had super limited Internet access until yesterday. (And, I mean, my iPhone is great and everything, but I was straining my already terrible vision trying to read websites on that tiny screen.) Really, though, a spotty Internet connection is nothing compared to what some people lost. An acquaintance of mine is basically homeless now because her place is still waterlogged. Friends of mine in the suburbs lost power AGAIN during that nor’easter Wednesday. I got out lucky.

3. Novel in a Month. So I’m doing NaNoWriMo, which is going okay. My word count is nothing to sneeze at, although I have mixed feelings about the story. I’m not sure the internal conflict works. One of my protagonists is doing the “I want to be with you, but you’re too good for me” wankery that I usually dislike. (Every time I catch myself writing it, I think, “No, that’s stupid. Stop it, Kate.”) So this story is going to need some work when I’m done.

Seriously, “Would I find this annoying if I were reading this in a book by another author?” is an excellent litmus test. If the answer is, “Yes,” then cut that out.

I also thought the reclusive character had agoraphobia until I started researching, and clearly I was mistaken about agoraphobia, so now I think the character has some kind of panic disorder, but I need a better source on phobias and anxiety than Wikipedia. (It’s time to email my uncle the psychiatrist, probably.)

4. But how about that election? I mean, as my authorial self, I try to stay out of politics, although if you’ve read Blind Items or take into account that I live in a very blue district in a blue county in a blue state, you can probably guess how I voted. Still, the fact that marriage equality passed in three states (and a ban was voted down in a fourth) is not insignificant. New York welcomes you to this side of history, Maryland, Maine, and Washington. Feels like the tide is turning.

5. I need more coffee. Not really a breaking news item so much as the truth. Apparently the latte I sprung for this morning is not getting the job done.

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  1. Sirius says:

    I am glad to hear you are okay. Some of my colleagues at work are still without power, friend who works in lower Manhattan just got power a day or two ago. What a week indeed.

    And yes, I am happy with the election results too ๐Ÿ™‚

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