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This is yours truly getting ready to sell some books at the NJRW literacy signing. Ever see a photo of yourself and think, “Oh, dear lord, I’m becoming my mother!” That’s what happened when I saw this photo. At least my hair looks good.

I spent this past weekend at the New Jersey Romance Writers convention, which was pretty darn fabulous. It was an interesting convention experience; a substantial chunk of people there were people I already knew, either because they were RWANYC members (that’s my local Romance Writers of America chapter, in which I have been a more active member of late) or I knew them from elsewhere. It’s kind of nice, actually, to walk into a room of mostly strangers and pick a few familiar faces out of the crowd. (Also, my friend Stacey knows EVERYBODY, which was useful to me as I shadowed her.)

I attended all the workshops I had time for and made some new friends, so I consider that a success. (Stand outs: Angela James’s 2-hour branding workshop was really useful and educational, and I also really liked the workshop Alice Orr did on character. So if you ever see either of them hosting something at a con, definitely go!)

Andrew Grey and K.A. Mitchell were also there representing Gay Romancelandia. I sold a woman her first m/m romance. (She’s a menage fan. Menage is the gateway drug, you guys.) Several agents and editors I talked to were enthusiastic about m/m, which feels like a real accomplishment.

So, that was New Jersey. I’m mostly packed for GayRomLit in Albuquerque (leaving at the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow). I somehow got all of my swag in my giant suitcase, and that includes all of the pens that got reprinted after the previous debacle, which came in the mail yesterday. I’m probably going to give myself a hernia lugging this huge suitcase around, but I got everything to fit (hopefully under the airline weight limit, because the overweight baggage fee is more than shipping would cost). (See, because I stalled on shipping things because of the misprinted pen situation, so now I have to carry everything to ABQ, and now I think that was kind of stupid but it’s too late. Um. If you’re at GRL, please take my swag so I don’t have to also carry it home. Have pity on the woman who lives on the third floor of a walk-up!) (This situation is not helped by the fact that I apparently felt it necessary to pack my entire wardrobe. But I have to have options! Cute dresses! Shoes! The one vaguely western shirt I own!)

ANYWAY. If you’re gonna be in New Mexico, both my reading and my Q&A are on Friday, and I’ll have some swag and things, though probably less than the previous paragraph implies. (After the Brooklyn Book Festival and NJRW, my swag supplies are slightly depleted, so I’ve only got about 200-250 of each thing, but maybe that makes my swag more RARE and VALUABLE. Also, Matt and Iggy baseball cards with real statistics that I made up! You know you want some. I think the card I made for Matt is especially hot—stock art serendipity, basically—but I’ve got super limited quantities of those.)

Oh, haha, now this post is long. So much for brevity. For those of you I met in New Jersey, HELLO! WELCOME! For those of you not going to ABQ, I’ll be back next week! See you on the flipside.

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  1. Tali Spencer says:

    Not going to Albuquerque, but I wish I were, because I would totally pick up your rare and valuable swag! And get my book and playing cards signed. 🙂 Have fun!

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