five things on friday

My Olympics boyfriend. *swoon*

Here’s my weekly roundup of things I am up to:

1. Watching! So much Olympics! I love it and I’m obsessing. This year seems to have a lot of man candy. I’ve decided swimmer Ryan Lochte is the dreamiest, although he has some tough competition. But swimming is one of my favorite things to watch, primarily because it was basically the only athletic thing I did as a kid. I started taking lessons as a very young child, did a lot of swimming at the Y and summer camp after that, went through lifeguard training and taught kids how to swim when I was a teenager. (And I swam so many laps. I was sixteen or so when I took that lifeguard class with a bunch of other teenagers, and our instructor got so frustrated with us goofing around that he made us swim laps when he got fed up, which was often.)

In indoor volleyball, it seems to be a requirement to have a group hug whenever you score a point. Best sport ever!

Surprise favorite sports for me: I got really into a couple of the men’s volleyball games that I watched, surprising mostly because I usually find the team sports dreadfully boring, but volleyball is actually pretty fun. (Indoor volleball, I should clarrify—stop trying to make beach volleyball happen, NBC. I still don’t care about it.) Also, watching the men’s synchro diving gave me some pantsfeelings, but you’ve probably seen both the plethora of photos of British diver Tom Daley, and you’ve also probably seen the Olympics or Gay Porn meme going around. (Hot guys in tiny swimsuits is all I’m saying.)

But I like watching the women, too. How thrilling was women’s gymnastics? So often, it boils down to winning a medal despite making a “catastrophic” error, but Gabby Douglas got that gold medal by putting up 4 solid routines without major errors, and it was really fun to watch.

Humans in peak physical condition is the bottom line. So much fun. (Also, check this out: What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball? Mildly NSFW.)

2. Doing! I will admit that I’m probably channeling a lot of energy into watching the Olympics because this week has kind of sucked otherwise. (But it’s so triumphant! The trumpets in the theme song! The human interest stories! Hot guys in tiny bathing suits!)

For the last two months, I’ve been working on this insane project at my day job that is finally FINALLY ending today. Not to be whiny about it, but it’s been a lot of 10+ hour days and stress and it’s kept me from writing and a bunch of other things I’d like to be doing. I’m looking forward to this month being more focused on me and my own projects.

But this weekend is for recovery, especially since I had to work most of last weekend. Thus it will involve a lot of laying on my couch watching TV. Maybe also some writing. First, though, I’m doing a little presentation at the meeting for my local RWA chapter tomorrow and will hopefully sell a couple of books.

3. Reading! We will not discuss the sad lack of forward progress on my reading this week, but I have been listening to a lot of history-related podcasts, including one yesterday about Oscar Wilde, so now I’m thinking of actually reading this book, which has been on my nightstand for a couple of months. (Earlier this year, I read Jonathan Ned Katz’s book Love Stories, which is similarly themed—about gay relationships in the 19th century—but this book Strangers has a wider scope. Love Stories is focused more on American men, Strangers seems to be focused on men and women in the US and Europe. Which is relevant to my interests because I’ve got this Victorian historical set in London I want to write.)

4. Linking! Worth reading: I really liked this post at Jessewave by Angela Bendetti called What does love look like?

5. Promoting! Four Corners will be out on the 8th! I keep meaning to put up a post with some background info but haven’t had time to write it yet. I’ll be guest blogging in a couple of places this month (although I just haven’t had time to put together a tour like I did for Out in the Field, so I’m only gonna be on a few sites).

But! This week you can enter to win a copy at Stumbling Over Chaos.

Bonus Discussion Question: At the office this morning, we were talking about animals that live in stores, in particular bodega cats in New York. (I don’t know how this became common parlance, but in NYC, every little corner convenience store is called a bodega, even if the owners aren’t Spanish speakers. The Korean grocery near my office is pretty commonly referred to as “the bodega,” for example. And a lot of them have cats living in them.) So what is the common store-dwelling animal where you live?

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