Love Is Always Write — Lead Us Not

My story for the M/M Romance Goodreads group‘s Love Is Always Write event, called “Lead Us Not,” is now available. Check out my book page for it, where you can download it in EPUB, MOBI, or PDF for all your e-reader needs. Sometime this week it will also be available at Goodreads and ARe.

A few notes on the story: When I decided to participate in Love Is Always Write, it occurred to me that I wouldn’t be writing for a publisher, so I had some room to experiment a little. Which is not to say I didn’t take the challenge seriously! It also occurred to me that that this could be the gateway to my writing, that some people who have never read my books or never heard of me could be reading the story, and I needed to make a positive first impression. But this is also the story I wanted to write, and as such, I’m committing two cardinal sins: the story is told in alternating first-person narratives, and it’s told in present tense.

I know. But I wrote the first chapter almost immediately after I got my prompt, and Jess’s voice was so clear in my head that I just… wrote it. But I knew I needed Sam’s POV, too. So, that is what the story became. Probably some readers won’t like it, but I do know that I really like this story. It’s got some of my better writing, it’s very New York-y, and I really love these characters.

It was based on this prompt:

These guys have known each other since college. They fell in love and went to New York to follow their dreams of being models and actors. They thought nothing could break them apart, but life is filled with temptations. Can these two remain true to each other or will fame tear them apart forever (please HEA story only, and I don’t approve of cheating, but if it happens I hope that two lovers can find a way to resolve things).

So, challenge accepted, I wrote a story called “Lead Us Not,” and it is about temptation. Then I asked my fabulous friend Alexis to design the cover. I love the cover so much.

The blurb:

When Sam and Jess set out for New York City, they were young, deeply in love, and had big dreams for the future. Four difficult years later, some of those dreams are starting to come true—but at what cost?

Jess has stumbled into a fairly successful modeling career, but it feels like a consolation prize after his failed attempt at acting. He knows too his good looks will only last so long and he wants to try something else, but Sam keeps talking him out of it. Sam just landed the lead in a Broadway revival and all of his hard work is finally paying off, but lately Jess seems to be slipping away from him. Just as strains and cracks begin to show in their relationship, temptations are dangled in front of both men, but will they take the bait or will they come back to each other?

You can drop me a comment in the group thread about the story.