Here’s an odd coincidence:

I’m reading at Lady Jane’s Salon on March 5. (Lady Jane’s is New York City’s only romance reading series. It’s at 7pm at Madame X on Houston and you should totally come!) On Thursday, I got a big box delivered that contains the books I’ll be selling at the reading. And then Thursday night, I picked up my mail and saw I got my copy of Romance Writers Report, which is RWA’s magazine, and lo, there is an article called “The Art of Reading Aloud” by Janet Mullany, which features quotes from some of the Lady Jane’s founders on how to do a reading.

It’s like someone knew!

I’m not a stranger to public speaking, but I’ve only done one other public reading, and that was small potatoes and also almost two years ago, so this is making me a teensy bit nervous. Actually, right now, I’m agonizing over which scene to read. I’ll be reading from The Boy Next Door because it just came out in paperback. I’ve got it narrowed down to the first chapter, the scene where Lowell and Jase meet again for the first time, or the scene when Lowell and Jase have dinner right up until Jase finally comes clean and they kiss for the first time, because that is one of my favorite scenes in the novel. (Uh, if any of you have read the book and have alternate suggestions, I’m open to them!)

It’s funny; I go back and forth on whether it’s less scary to talk in front of a room of people I know or a room full of strangers. The Lady Jane’s crowd will be a mix of both, I think. I’m not an especially shy person, and I’ve had to give speeches in front of large groups of people before, but, I don’t know, there’s something different about reading your own writing.

Also, I’m trying to decide if this is a good excuse to buy a new party dress. 🙂

In other news, I designed new business cards for myself and I’m really happy with how they came out. They’re printed on really nice paper and I can’t stop touching them because I’m dweeby that way.