Two blog posts in one day! Crazy! Let’s do it in bullet points this time.

  • It’s Beat Your Winter Blues tour day again. This week we’re at Ellis Carrington’s blog talking about where we’d go if we could leave right now. Hop on over for information on how to win books, or leave a comment to be entered into the big drawing, a $200 gift card.
  • I blogged today at the RWANYC blog about how to write a love scene. (The title of the post “No Gratuitous Sex” is a leeetle misleading; look, I’m all in favor of gratuitous sex, but my point about writing love scenes in romance novels is that each scene should have a purpose. Go read the post for more.)
  • Speaking of Lady Jane’s Salon, it looks like I’ll be reading there next month, so if you’re in the NYC area on Monday March 5th, stop by! (I believe I will be reading from The Boy Next Door to celebrate its recent paperback release!) I’ll have more details about that soon. (I just confirmed it this morning, so I’m all buzzing with excitement and nervousness. This is only the second reading I’ve done… ever.)