The Boy Next Door in Paperback

I got my author copies of The Boy Next Door in the mail today. It was pretty darned cool to open that box. I’m a huge proponent of ebooks—ask me about my Kindle backlog!—but holding your book in your hands, that is amazing.

You can get your hot little hands on a copy your very own copy. It should be available from the book retailer of your choice very soon. I’ll also be giving away a copy during the Beat Your Winter Blues Blog Tour during the week that I’m hosting in February.

Here the book is shown on my living room bookcase, next to my other paperbacks and miscellaneous books.

Today was apparently Kate Gets Lots of Books In the Mail Day because I also got a box of stuff I ordered from Amazon, all of it nonfiction. Now if I could just find the time to read all these books in between writing. Deadlines abound!

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