Halloween and Gay Day

The witching hour is almost upon us, or something—I’m using the excuse to make pies, basically—but I like Halloween. (Speaking of which, reminder! You can hop on over to the Dreamspinner Press site and do a little hunting through pages for my books to find my Halloween short, entitled “On the Stoop.” It’s a look at how totally weird Halloween is in the city if you grew up in the suburbs. Kids trick or treat at stores!)

Just to make things extra weird, it snowed in New York today, and not even flurries but full-on, big-flaked snow.

Before I climb into my costume to go off to a Halloween party tonight, I figured I’d let you know that I plan to participate in Gay Day over at Ethan Day’s Yahoo Group. I’ll be posting excerpts from Across the East River Bridge and also possibly from my upcoming Dreamspinner short, so stop by if you’ve got time tomorrow!