Across the East River Bridge releases tomorrow!

It’s hard to imagine a more serendipitous release date. I wrote a ghost story that is being published in October, when everyone is all excited about Halloween. I wrote an m/m novel that is being published on National Coming Out Day. I wrote a book that is being published two days before I leave for a convention/retreat at which I will talk about books with lots of people.

Across the East River Bridge has its first review already, too! 4.5 stars from Aunt Lynn at Jessewave.

We’re enjoying an Indian summer in New York right now—80°F and sunny, or at least it was until a few minutes ago. I took a long, somewhat aimless walk around the neighborhood and did a few last minute errands relating to my trip to New Orleans. It was really nice.

I need to at least start packing today, that’s still left on my agenda for the day. (I have piles of stuff everywhere. Clean clothes, guide books, my books, postcards, etc., etc. These would be better if placed in my suitcase, eh?)

The book is out tomorrow!