Across the East River Bridge: Book Trailer

I’m pulling out all the stops! Here’s a sneak peak at the new book:

I have to say, it was pretty fun to make a book trailer. I’d never done anything like this before. Most of the photos were taken by yours truly this past spring, and they’re of various locations described in the book. There will be a more complete explanation of those photos in my upcoming Special Features post. I also dorked out and made the fake newspaper and I dug up a bunch of historical photos of the Brooklyn Bridge. This drawing is probably my favorite, because it shows what the book would have looked like when my ghosts, Teddy and Wash, were alive in the 1870s:

I also recorded my own music, but I didn’t like the sound of the unaccompanied solo violin (plus this was turning into a “Directed by Kate, Starring Kate, Edited by Kate, Music by Kate” production, which felt a little much) so I decided not to use it. The piece I chose is a little obscure, but it’s the second movement in a suite I performed last year, and I really like it; I think it’s really evocative and sort of sad. The recording you hear in the trailer features Itzhak Perlman on solo violin, and really, he’s vastly more skilled than I am (understatement!), so it’s probably for the best that I decided to sub out the music before I uploaded the trailer. 🙂

I’ve just ruined all the magic for you, haven’t I?

Anyway, I hope you like my efforts and/or are inspired to check out the new book!

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