a little damp, but fine otherwise

I live a little less than 4 miles, give or take, from Coney Island, where Hurricane Irene made landfall at 9am this morning. But I’m at the top of a hill, so I made it through the storm unscathed. I stayed inside, there was lots of rain and wind, but no flooding or leaks or power loss. It was a good excuse to buckle down and get some writing (and revising!) done this weekend, and to eat a big home-cooked meal Saturday night, and obsessively watch the cable news. I was actually expecting the storm itself to be scarier than it was. Which of course doesn’t diminish the impact the storm did have on many people up and down the east coast. (A tree fell on my father’s house in Connecticut, in fact, but he doesn’t think there was any significant structural damage to the house—he sounded more upset about the loss of the tree when I talked to him, actually). New York City did see some pretty significant flooding and the subway won’t be back up until sometime tomorrow, so it could be a few days before things are back to “normal.” I have to say, it’s been a pretty interesting couple of days, what with the mayor’s office doing a ton of work to make sure the city got through the storm as best as possible and tons of information flying fast and furious over social networks.

I hope any of you in the hurricane’s path came through it well, and that the rest of you had a great weekend. 🙂

this weekend

According to the latest, Hurricane Irene is set to hit New York City Saturday night, and the governor has declared a state of emergency, and the MTA is shutting down mass transit tomorrow. It’s a little strange to think about now, given that it’s sunny outside at the moment (calm before the storm?). But, as a result, it looks like I’m going to be stranded in my apartment all weekend (luckily I’m not in an evacuation zone—I live in a neighborhood with “heights” in the name, which is not just there to be silly). Let’s hope I don’t lose power so that I can use my exile for good!

I’m going to be hanging around The Romance Studio’s End of Summer Bash all weekend with book excerpts and I’ll be giving away a book from the backlist. Lots of other great authors are participating, so be sure to stop by!

And to those of you on the East Coast, I hope you stay safe and dry! I’m gonna make one last run to the store to make sure I’ve got enough food for the weekend.

to epilogue or not to epilogue?

I just finished the first round of edits on my next new book, a book called Across the East River Bridge, which is a romance that involves a couple of ghosts. (The romance is between two flesh and blood people, but the ghosts bring them together. Sort of.) So I’m thinking about whether or not the book needs an epilogue.

Some of the early feedback I’m getting about Blind Items is that readers want an epilogue, or a sequel maybe; they want to know what happens to the characters down the road. I actually usually really like epilogues, especially in books in which I’m really liking the characters—I want to spend more time in the author’s world or with the characters, or want to see them together happily if only for a few pages. With Blind Items, though, I felt like I’d gotten to the end of the story… although that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of a sequel somewhere down the line.

But not all readers like epilogues, or don’t feel that they’re necessary if the book ends with the characters committing to each other, or clearly on their way toward a happily ever after (I’m talking about romance specifically here, obviously). And I for sure am not always a fan of marriage-and-babies epilogues that mostly just serve to show the couple in gratuitous domestic bliss. So I’m of two minds about it.

What say you? Do you like epilogues? Do you hate them?