NY Senate approves marriage equality bill!

You’ve heard the big news by now. It’s pretty awesome, yeah?

I’ve been living in New York State since 2002, and the thing about politics in New York is that you have to get used to being let down. There’s so much corruption and nonsense, and even when the news broke that a bunch of Republican senators had switched votes and supported this bill, it still felt like the NY Senate would find a way to fuck it up. But then I watched the live stream of the senate session last night, and when the yeas and nays were counted, and that cheer went up? It felt like a pretty damn fine time to be a New Yorker.

My mother, who moved to New York a few years before I did, commented that it was a surprise to see Albany actually do something useful.

I’m reviewing the page proofs for Blind Items this weekend, and it looks like I’m going to have to make a couple of last minute changes to a scene in which my main character, Drew, laments that he can’t get married in New York. It doesn’t feel like such a hardship to change the scene. 🙂