meeting other writers

I’m not able to attend the RWA national convention, which is going on right now here in New York, but I was able to go to the big author signing event last night, at which more than a hundred authors signed books to raise money for libraries and literacy programs. What a great event! I was maybe a little overwhelmed and a lot starstruck, as there were so many writers I admire all gathered in one place, and I’ve never really been to a convention before, at least not one on this scale.

I went primarily as a reader, and I got a few books signed and talked to a pretty wide range of writers. The one big deal for me was that I got to talk for a while with Suzanne Brockmann, who is among my favorite writers and kind of an idol, and I handed her my hardcover copy of All Through the Night and we talked a little about the marriage equality bill passing in New York, and she was really great. (My friend A was with me and kept whispering, “Tell her your a writer, too!” but I got a little nervous.)

I also sought out some other m/m writers, and got to talk to K.A. Mitchell, who was kind enough to offer advice, and L.B. Gregg, who was a lot of fun to talk to. I met a local romance blogger while waiting on line to get in. And I exchanged cards with a handful of people, so if you found your way to my website that way, welcome!

One of the things that really impresses me is that every time I meet more writers—romance writers generally and m/m writers specifically—I’m pleasantly surprised by how friendly and supportive everyone is. This is such a great community of writers and I’m really happy to be a part of it.

I also see why people love these conventions. There’s such a wonderful, positive energy there. I really wish I was able to attend the rest of RWA, but I guess there will be more conventions in the future! (And this is making me all the more excited for GayRomLit in October!)